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Audio Energy Meditations

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The following energy meditations are activations for inner states of awareness. Accessing them requires the ability to quiet the mind in gentle meditation practice and focus your intention through visualization. If you have difficulty attaining results, refresh these basic skills and remember that it takes practice to discipline the mind. Its not difficult, it just takes time. Whenever you practice energy meditations, protect yourself from attracting unwanted attachments by grounding, centering and establishing your boundaries. The first meditation, The Spiral Pillar of Light, is used specifically for this purpose. I recommend activating it before activating each additional pattern. More information on energy protection, trouble shooting and how to use these meditations can be found in the book, The Path of Energy, and POE 2nd Edition Subtle Energy Work (New Page Books/Red Wheel Wieser Publishing).

Click on the meditation name or image for illustrated instructions.
The Spiral Pillar of Light Meditation Image

This meditation opens the Hara line, the channel of energy that runs along the vertical core of your body, establishing your place as the bridge between Heaven and Earth. It is the point of exchange between energy and matter. When you become the fulcrum between polarities, you are in a position of power and able to move in any direction. It’s the difference between reacting and responding; here you are free to respond with balance and confidence.

THE CIRCLE OF LIFE Meditation Images

This meditation activates all seven of the major chakras, the vortexes of energy that are often called “wheels of light”. Chakras emerge from the Hara line and project outward into the aura as centers of higher frequency that accumulate and transmit vital life force. Chakras are involved in all aspects of health, growth, development and spiritual awareness.

CHAKRA FIBERS Meditation Image

This meditation impacts the quality of energy flowing through the body and energy field. The Nadis are pathways of energy interacting with the meridians and weaving between the chakras.  They sustain a smooth energy flow and prepare the nervous system for managing higher frequencies and amplitude of energy. They also prepare the Hara line for the rising of Kundalini, a powerful spiritual energy that resides in the sacrum. Kundalini rises naturally as  awareness expands.
This meditation is the sweetest of all the meditations, providing a truly sublime serenity.

FIVE HEARTS OPEN Meditation Image

This meditation activates the boundaries of the aura, creating a powerful circle of safety and healing. The pattern pulls energy in spirals from the heavens to the center of the Earth creating a pillar of living light. This is the center of the storm; the winds are howling all around; within this space is calm and peace. It is sacred space, a place to go for connection, protection, renewal and resolve. It is unconditional love.

THE EARTH & SKY Meditation Image

This meditation activates your internal paths of energy, the meridians, by circulating energy along the Great Central Channel of Chinese medicine.  The Circle of Life nourishes and revitalizes all aspects of your physical, mental and emotional being. It helps prepare your nervous system to handle larger quantities of high frequency energy.  

CHAKRA CLARITY Meditation Image

A chakra can be experienced as a rotating vortex in the aura or as a nexus of sensory energy fibers used to explore and connect you to the world.  Where you place your attention is where your fibers go.  When your fibers anchor in one place, you become grounded in that reality and way of seeing the world.  When they are unattached, you have free attention open to explore new ways of thinking and new realities. A balance between anchored and unattached fibers allows for stability, integrity, grounding and commitment while fostering flexibility of thought, openness to new ideas, freedom from limiting beliefs, creativity and tolerance of others.

WEAVING THE NADIS Meditation Image

This meditation enhances awareness of the subtle energy within matter. The five “hearts” of  Chinese medicine consist of four small chakras, one in each palm of the hands and in the soles of the feet, plus the large heart chakra in the middle of the chest.

  Five-Hearts Open is a moving meditation that opens awareness to the energy within physical form, increasing your energy sensitivity. It plugs you into the Earth’s energy circuit and enhances the direct experience of how interconnected all life is.

This meditation brings freedom from old emotional patterns by recreating the ancient Egyptian headdress worn by Queens and Pharaohs. The headdress is a unique energy amplifier. Shaped like a cone and worn with the narrow end around the head and the wide end opened to Spirit, it channels spiritual energy downward into the crown chakra. The layered striations of the headdress align with the seven layers of the aura.  As higher frequencies are drawn into the headdress, the aura begins to vibrate. Thought forms, limiting beliefs and old emotional patterns burst and disperse, allowing new inspirations to emerge.  This meditation brings upliftment, expanded consciousness and freedom from limitation.

THE WINGED DISK Meditation Image

This meditation activates healing patterns by linking the physical body with its perfect energy template. The winged disk of ancient Egypt, like the Zuni Eye of God, recognizes the God force at the heart of all creation. The winged disk was said to fly across the sky, keeping watch over creation and bringing energy from the God-side of reality onto Earth when the Earth plane was out of balance. This meditation focuses on health as an outcome of balanced and abundant life force. It channels healing energy in the form of higher frequencies that promote transformation. The Winged Disk meditation acts as a star-bridge for people in the healing arts, channeling templates for physical reality from the God-side of creation.

This pattern provides a protective shield when in physical, psychological or psychic danger. The Celtic Cross consists of five energy balls; one large central ball surrounded by four satellites. Standing in the center and energetically connecting the satellites in the Celtic Cross pattern creates an impenetrable wall of safety. Any ill- intentioned energy sent toward a person or place protected by the Celtic Cross is blessed and reflected back to the sender as love. This formation magnifies your energy field, expanding your personal space and creating power and strength.  It also acts as a vehicle for traveling in etheric realms.


This is a cleansing meditation.
True spiritual growth requires that we own both our light and the shadow it casts. Our thoughts and emotions generate energy forms that fill the aura and atmosphere of the Earth, move along the surface of the planet via rivers and oceans and travel beneath the surface of the planet on ley lines. This activation cleanses and purifies destructive emotional manifestations which are then transformed and broadcast as unconditional love. It is our opportunity to call home our shadow and embrace it, merging the shadow with light, becoming whole.

THE CELTIC CROSS Meditation Image

The Mystic Triangle is a master communication tool. It aligns with and opens the Third Eye, promoting higher level communication. It magnifies both the ability to see higher truth and to manifest it in the physical world. It can open a portal between dimensions, different levels of reality or different places in time and space. This is a master activation and requires a developed nervous system to sustain. It invokes the archetype of the Earth Mother, the Spiritual Mother who gives birth to higher truth and nurtures it in this reality. This is a protective and sustaining activation.

LIVING MATRIX Meditation Image

The Living Matrix is the master activation for higher consciousness. According to the ancient Maya, three-dimensional consciousness is woven on a loom of twenty warp lines and thirteen weft lines, creating the matrix of life. Everything we see and experience resonates to the ratio of 13:20. It is the golden ratio of nature; it governs the cycles of time and harmonizes the music of the celestial spheres. The human body is strung into the matrix through the twenty fingers and toes. Thirteen major joints (ankles, knees, hips, wrists, elbows, shoulders and neck) create connecting points to the galaxy. When your toes anchor your meridians into the ley lines of the Earth and your fingers weave your meridians into the energy pathways of the heavens, the thirteen joints become portals to dimensional reality. This is the awakening of true paradigm shift

Palth of Energy Winged Chakra
By Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
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