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Adventures In Energy

Opening To Spirit

Spirituality and expansion of consciousness are results of energy awareness. Energy carries consciousness and consciousness is an expression of spirituality.

Consequently, becoming more aware of energy flows and what is being transmitted, expands your awareness, opens your heart, and strengthens your spiritual connection. In this section we explore some of the spiritual aspects of energy.

Downloads, Upliftments, and Activations

Is Your Energy Body Becoming More Sensitive?

Are you feeling unusual sensations such as body jolting, inner vibration, shaking, goose bumps and tingling that occur in synchrony with events, so that your inner knowing seems verified? Do you think of someone only to immediately have him or her show up?
….

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The Akashic Record and Energy Awareness

The akasha receives the impressions of everything it contacts and since it is all pervading and contacts everything, it contains an imprint of all that is.
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Chakras: The Body Sounding® Model

Chakras are physio-energetic centers in the body that guide spiritual evolution. In deciding to learn more about chakras, you are following a spiritual impulse to know your essence. You are making a decision to expand your awareness.
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Multi-Dimensional Wiring

Modern physics theorizes that the universe is made of multiple dimensions, an idea shared with several ancient civilizations. Ancient people believed the human body was energetically wired to interact with these other dimensions.
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Downloads, Upliftments, and Activations

There are three key occurrences people undergo as part of a spiritual expansion: downloads, upliftments, and activations. Downloads are transfers of spiritual knowledge. Upliftments are encounters with transcendent emotions that raise the frequency of your energy. Activations turn on dormant spiritual/energetic structures.
….

Developing your Presence

I am often asked what the benefit is of developing energy awareness. Is there a larger purpose than being more intuitive, clearer, and connected to life? Actually, there is. The greatest value in energy awareness is a return to your essence. Your essence is reflected in your Presence, the part of you that resides in the realm of Light.
….

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