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This meditation impacts the quality of energy flowing through the body and energy field. The Nadis are pathways of energy interacting with the meridians and weaving between the chakras.  They sustain a smooth energy flow and prepare the nervous system for managing higher frequencies and amplitude of energy. They also prepare the Hara line for the rising of Kundalini, a powerful spiritual energy that resides in the sacrum. Kundalini rises naturally as  awareness expands.  This meditation is the sweetest of all the meditations, providing a truly sublime serenity.

Weaving the Nadis: In this meditation, energy is flowing from the Earth, into your chakra system weaving from your Base chakra to your Crown chakra. Mixing with energy from the Heavens, it then returns through your chakras to the Earth.

Ground, center and establish boundaries. Connect with your spiritual Source.

1. Sitting, lying down or standing up, imagine drawing energy in through the sole of your left foot with your breath.

  • Let the energy rise up your left leg and enter the left side of your Base chakra, filling the chakra with light.

  • As you exhale allow energy to leave the right side of your Base chakra and flow upwards, entering the right side of your Sacral chakra and filling the Sacral chakra with light.

  • With your breath, continue inviting the progression of energy: out the left side of your Sacral chakra and into the left side of your Solar Plexus chakra; out the right side of the Solar Plexus and into the right side of the Heart chakra; out the left side of the Heart and into the left side of the Throat chakra; out the right side of the Throat and into the left side of the Third Eye chakra.

2. As you breathe out, imagine energy flowing out the left side of your Third Eye, over the top of your head going into and through the Crown chakra, mixing with energy from the Heavens. It then begins its descent, reentering the right side of the Third Eye, filling the chakra, leaving through the left side, and flowing downwards.

3.With your breath, visualize the descent: energy coming from your Third Eye chakra entering the left side of your Throat chakra, filling it and leaving through the right side; entering the right side of the Heart chakra, filling it and leaving through the left side; entering the left side of the Solar Plexus chakra, filling it, and leaving through the right side; entering the right side of the Sacral chakra, filling it and leaving through the left 
side; entering the left side of the  Base chakra, filling it and leaving through the right side to descend down the right leg and return to the earth.

4.Repeat several times to establish balance, promote harmony, open your pathways and prepare for the rising of Kundalini.

When you are finished, pull the energy into your chakras, ground, center and establish boundaries.

For more information about the benefits and uses of this meditation see, The Path of Energy, New Page Books, pages 44-45

Palth of Energy Winged Chakra
By Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
Illustrated Instructions
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