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Audio Energy Meditations


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This meditation activates all seven of the major chakras, the vortexes of energy that are often called “wheels of light”. Chakras emerge from the Hara line and project outward into the aura as centers of higher frequency that accumulate and transmit vital life force. Chakras are involved in all aspects of health, growth, development and spiritual awareness.


Using this meditation will help increase your clarity, spiritual awareness and observation of limiting beliefs by illuminating each center with light.


Step 1: Fig 1. Begin with the base chakra and explore each chakra. Notice what it looks like, how it feels, and what the quality is.

  • What color is it? What is the shade and quality of the color? Is it clear, cloudy, vibrant, dull?

  • What shape is it? Is it round, oblong, cylindrical?  Is it symmetrical, lopsided, bulging, have pieces cut out?

  • Is the chakra full or empty?

  • How far does the energy radiate?

  • Does the chakra leak?

  • Is the vortex tight, expansive, energized, depleted?

  • Ask any questions that come to mind.

  • Take a wider view:  Is there flow among them? Do any feel isolated?

  • What do you feel/sense/experience and imagine as you connect with each?

Step 2: Does one chakra draw your attention more than another? 

  • Take extra time to explore this chakra, use the questions above or any that come to mind.

  • Inhale light, exhale tension.

  • No need to change anything, just notice.

For more information about the benefits and uses of this meditation see, Subtle Energy Work.

Palth of Energy Winged Chakra
By Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
Illustrated Instructions
with audio version below

Step 3: Balance two chakras with each other.

  • Hold two chakras with uneven flow in your attention simultaneously.

  • Examine the relationship: Is one larger, clearer, more energized than the other? Does one overshadow the other? What is the flow like between them? Does one drain the other? What does each need from the other?

  • Just observe.

  • Do this with as many chakras in as many combinations as desired.


Step 4: Fig 2. Clear and harmonize the system

  • Inhale through the top of your head and down the Hara line.

  • Exhale through the front and back of all the chakras

  • Inhale through the base chakra up into the Hara line.

  • Exhale through the front and back of all the chakras

  • With each inhalation, strengthen that which you want to keep.

  • With each exhalation, intend to release that which you no longer need

When you are finished, ground, center and establish boundaries.

Explore the Chakras
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