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Intuition: Gateway To  Your Inner Wisdom

This section assesses what intuition type your are,  and skill practices to anchor
your intuitive ability.

Intuition Index Assessment

If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to develop your intuition, you may have been developing your least natural mode of perception. If, for example, you tried to develop your visual skills when your tendency is toward inner knowing, it would be like asking a left-handed child to learn to write with their right hand . See what your score means with the next article: Intuition Index Types.
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Intuition Index Types: What Does Your Score Mean?

This section explains the five modes of intuitive perception and what it means to be strong or weak in each. Of course, every path has pitfalls and this section helps you avoid the ones that impact you.
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Five Effective Dowsing Methods To Confirm Your Inner Knowing

Dowsing uses the reflexive responses of your body to identify answers when you’re presented with questions and ideas. Included here are instructions for three direct dowsing methods and two indirect.…
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Synchronicities, Omens, and Discernment

Synchronicity and omens are often considered guiding signals from the universe. If your strongest perceptive mode is a Sensor, physical interactions such as synchronicity have great significance. However, interpreting signs and omens can be challenging
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