Path of Energy Meditations


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adapted with permission from Barbara Marciniak

This meditation activates the boundaries of the aura, creating a powerful circle of safety and healing. The pattern pulls energy in spirals fromthe heavens to the center of the Earth creating a pillar of living light. This is the center of the storm; the winds are howling all around; within this space is calm and peace. It is sacred space, a place to go for connection, protection, renewal and resolve. It is unconditional love.

The Spiral Pillar of Light: Using this meditation connects with your personal star in the Heavens, your spiritual Source. It defines the space of your personal presence; where you end and others begin. It creates sacred space for finding your personal power.

Ground, center and establish boundaries. Connect with your spiritual source.

1. With your  breath call on the Spiral Pillar of Light to come into, through and grounding you, to the Earth, connecting earth and Sky and creating a circle of safety, healing and peace.

2. Fill yourself with this energy; it is your energy, reflected back to you from your Source. Send it into the circle around you and fully inhabit your space.

3. Imagine the energy flowing from your star in the Sky, into through and around you, into the earth, connecting with the center of the Earth.  This is your personal cone of power.

When you are finished, ground, center and establish boundaries.

Use this for protection, to create sacred space for ceremony, to heighten focus, and to amplify spiritual energy. Using it daily will help you become more grounded and centered and will help develop your presence.

For more information about the benefits and uses of this meditation see, The Path of Energy, New Page Books, pages 33-34

Palth of Energy Winged Chakra
By Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
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