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Exploring Beyond The Edge Weekly Radio Program

Listen in to Exploring Beyond the Edge with host Synthia Andrews on VoiceAmerica Radio. The show was broadcast in the fall of 2019 and can be heard on YouTube.
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Links of Interest

Dannion Brinkley:


Dean Radin:  Consciousness Research Laboratory:

Crop Circle and Consciousness Research: Colin Andrews:


Edgar Cayce:  Association for Research and Enlightenment:


Lynn McTaggart:

The Institute of Consciousness Research:


The Institute of Noetic Sciences:

American Society of Dowsers:


Academy for Future Science:



The Global Coherence Initiative:


Path of Energy meditations:


Still Point:


Consciousness and Quantum Mechanics:

Princeton consciousness project:;

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Best of Media Interviews

Dr. Synthia Andrews' 10 Best Spiritual Books - Sandie Sedgbeer'sNo BS Spiritual Book club. View here



The Pursuit of Presence
Energy as conscious awareness

Frequency: Medicine of the Future

This article discusses some of the theories, and founders of the field of frequency medicine.

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