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This is a cleansing meditation. True spiritual growth requires that we own both our light and the shadow it casts.
Our thoughts and emotions generate energy forms that fill the aura and atmosphere of the Earth, move along the surface of the planet via rivers and oceans and travel beneath the surface of the planet on ley lines. This activation cleanses and purifies destructive emotional manifestations which are then transformed and broadcast as unconditional love. It is our opportunity to call home our shadow and embrace it, merging the shadow with light, becoming whole.

Pyramid Purification: Use this activation to remove limiting attitudes and beliefs and cleanse destructive thought forms of self and for the planet.You can also release and transform outmoded patterns, helping to establish peace.

Ground, center and establish boundaries.

1.Variation 1-One person: Imagine yourself sitting inside a four-sided pyramid made of light. Activate the pyramid By focusing on the apex while holding the intention to take responsibility for all of your emotions, thoughts and actions. Allow the outline of the pyramid to light up with energy. The energy may be one color or multicolored. Imagine a vortex forming along your Hara line, drawing energy up through your chakras and forming a spiral within the pyramid. The spiral may look like a violet flame. As the pyramid activates, past destructive energy is drawn in along these lines for the clearing of self and planet. You may see dark vapors being pulled into the base of the pyramid and fed into the violet flame, being transformed into the vital life force that it came from. As your thoughts and emotions are transmuted into light, embrace your shadow, that small, hurt part of self, and welcome your self Home. Accept yourself. Allow all the cells of your body to be bathed in love and joy. Feel the rips and tears in your lightbody mend as you expand.         

2. Variation 2-:Two People: Sit facing each other in cross-legged positions, making a square using the lines of energy projected off your knees. Imagine a four sided pyramid rising from the square you create together. Open the Spiral Pillar of Light to encircle both of you and connect with each other in love and acceptance. Hold the intention of creating  purification for a specific issue, person, situation, place, etc. Allow light from all your chakras to stream into the diagonal edges of the pyramid creating a multicolored light pulsing along the outline of the pyramid.A violet, spiraling flame burns in the center of the pyramid. Call in the energy you wish to purify and feed it into the violet flame. Energy is released from its negative pattern and is transformed into unconditional love, free to flow out into the aura of the planet.

Variation 3- Four People: Create a square By the placement of four people, each a corner of the pyramid that rises from the base you have defined to the apex at the level of your higher chakras. This is a particularly powerful construct and can be used to cleanse the Earth of all destructive human-based activity, helping to strengthen the stability of the 
planet. Proceed as above, creating light along the edge of the pyramid and using the violet flame to transform negative energy into unconditional love. Hold the intention of being of universal service. Know that we are all responsible for every destructive thought or emotion on the planet; we are all part of the matrix of pain and part of its healing as well. 

Be open to any changes in the construct that are necessary for the intention being held.

Variation 4-Larger Groups: 
This construct uses a multi-faced pyramid with a corner for each person. You can have as many sides to the pyramid as there are people who want to participate. Proceed as above.

Ground, center and establish boundaries.

Working with a group amplifies the power of this meditation exponentially; every additional person increases ten-fold the capability of the meditation to cleanse negativity from the Earth. It can also be used to change the molecular structure of chemicals to help cleanse the Earth of the effects of pollution, radiation, etc. 

Palth of Energy Winged Chakra
By Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
Illustrated Instructions
with audio version below

For more information about the benefits and uses of this meditation see, The Path of Energy, New Page Books, pages 57-58