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The Mystic Triangle is a master communication tool. It aligns with and opens the Third Eye, promoting higher level communication. It magnifies both the ability to see higher truth and to manifest it in the physical world. It can open a portal between dimensions, different levels of reality or different places in time and space. This is a master activation and requires a developed nervous system to sustain. It invokes the archetype of the Earth Mother, the Spiritual Mother who gives birth to higher truth and nurtures it in this reality. This is a protective and sustaining activation.

The Mystic Triangle: This meditation starts By opening the Third Eye chakra for insight, intuitive ability and spiritual connection. The flow then incorporates the larger pyramid between your Third Eye and the Palms of your hands, opening an energy portal. This can be used to transmit or receive, communicating with other people, guides, departed loved ones, etc., or to charge your system with high frequency energy.

Ground, center and establish boundaries.

1.For Intuition: Visualize a triangle at your Third Eye chakra. Imagine energy pulsing along its borders, creating a beacon of cobalt blue and opening you to receiving high frequency spiritual energy.

2. For Transmitting Energy: Imagine energy flowing from your Third Eye into the palms of your hands creating a large triangle. Send love, information or anything you wish to transmit for the highest and best good of all.

3. For Communication: Allow the apex of the triangle to fall away from your Third Eye while keeping the base stable in your hands. This forms a triangle in a horizontal plane. Invite a person or guide to sit in the apex for the purpose of 

4. To Charge your System: Visualize a triangle with its apex in your Third Eye and its base in the palms of your hands. Create two smaller triangles within the larger triangle as seen in the illustration. Allow energy to lift up the Hara line 
and activate the apex of each triangle, ending in the Third Eye. Attune to the higher vibration  you are bringing in and let it charge your system.

Ground, center and establish boundaries.

Palth of Energy Winged Chakra
By Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
Illustrated Instructions
with audio version below

For more information about the benefits and uses of this meditation see, The Path of Energy, New Page Books, pages 55-56