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Dr. Synthia Andrews N.D. Naturpathic Physician and Author with "King" at the animal rescue facility.

I was recently asked by a reader if I was a “born mystic.” I took that to mean, was I born aware of subtle energy. The answer is, no. I was not born with any more awareness than anyone else. The truth is, I was born curious. Fortunately, I was raised in an environment that cultivated such curiosity. I was also presented with difficulties and challenges that pushed me to develop the energy resources we are all equipped with, but not trained to understand and use.

My intrigue with subtle energy was initially awakened around 10 to 12 years old when I held my pet rabbit as he died. When he passed, I noticed that the moment between life and death was marked by light that left his eyes. One moment there was light and presence in his eyes, the next, his awareness went dark. It was a graphic demonstration of the link between life and light. At the same time, I was surprised, that my rabbit had weighed little in my arms when he was alive, but became quite heavy after he died. If something left, shouldn’t his body be lighter? Even at that young age, I understood that the force of light was not material, and in some way enlivened matter.

This began a curiosity that has never waned. The existence of a deeper level of reality than can be measured with our five physical senses became the focus of my personal growth and my career. I was lucky that my parents were intrigued by the mystic Edgar Cayce and I was exposed to material that gave me a foundation for this non-physical world.


The purpose of this site is to share what I’ve learned about energy with others and hear from you how you use energy skills. If you’re interested, I provide on-line Energy Coaching to support your developing skills. Bring your questions and concerns to an on-line session by emailing me at


In my office, I also provide Naturopathic care that combines technical medical training with clinical experience and intuitive insight. Even in medical treatment, we maintain focus on the spiritual and emotional aspects of health and healing. Working together, we identify and remove obstacles to the natural healing power of the body. Obstacles can be mechanical, nutritional, metabolic, emotional, energetic, or spiritual. Naturopathic care is received in-office. Appointments can be made via email.


In addition to private practice, I write and teach. You can keep up to date on developments, new publications, and course offerings by joining our newsletter. It is my joy to enter with you on this journey of energy discovery.

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