Dr. Synthia Andrews N.D. Naturpathic Physician and Author with "King" at the animal rescue facility.

I was recently asked by a reader if I was a “born mystic.” I took that to mean, was I born aware of subtle energy. The answer is, no, I did not have any more awareness that anyone else. The truth is, I was born curious and fortunate to be raised in an environment that cultivated curiosity.

My intrigue with subtle energy was awakened as a child when I held a pet rabbit in my arms as he died. My father was a doctor and we acquired many injured and sick animals that we cared for. When Kirby died, I witnessed two curious events. First, the moment between life and death was marked by light leaving his eyes. One moment awareness was present,
the next, there was darkness. As a child, this was startling. I immediately linked life with light. The second curiosity was that the rabbit weighed little in my arms before he died, but after, he was quite heavy. If something left, shouldn’t his body be lighter?

This event spoke of the existence of a deeper level of reality than the physical world of our five senses, an idea both of my parents investigated through the mystic Edgar Cayce.
At the time, I did not realize this event would set the course of my life in motion. Energy awareness, emotions, consciousness, and healing grew into a passion.


As a Naturopathic doctor, I combine technical medical training with clinical experience and intuitive insight. My practice focuses on the spiritual and emotional aspects of health and healing. I work with patients to identify and remove obstacles to the natural healing power of the body, whether those obstacles are mechanical, nutritional, metabolic, or emotional and energetic. Together, we work to restore health.

In addition to private practice, I am an author and teacher. It is my joy to enter with you on a journey of energy discovery.

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