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This meditation brings freedom from old emotional patterns by recreating the ancient Egyptian headdress worn by Queens and Pharaohs. The headdress is a unique energy amplifier. Shaped like a cone and worn with the narrow end around the head and the wide end opened to Spirit, it channels spiritual energy downward into the crown chakra. The layered striations of the headdress align with the seven layers of the aura. As higher frequencies are drawn into the headdress, the aura begins to vibrate. Thought forms, limiting beliefs and old emotional patterns burst and disperse, allowing new inspirations to emerge. This meditation brings upliftment, expanded consciousness and freedom from limitation.

Queen Nefertiti's Headdress  is the perfect daily shower to cleanse and activate your aura.

Ground, center and establish boundaries.

1.Sit comfortably; and In your imagination, place the cone-shaped Egyptian headdress so that the narrow end rests on your head and the wider end is open to the heavens. Gently drop your chin and stretch the back of your neck, lifting the cone more directly heavenward, activating the Hara line.

2. A-Using breath and intention, invite energy to fill the headdress. As the headdress fills, the energy within vibrates at a faster speed and intensity. It will flow into your aura along the energy pathways indicated By the striations of the headdress. Use your breath to assist this process and mentally invite the energy to flow down striations and into the layers of the aura. As the aura fills with light, the different layers begin to vibrate intensely and at slightly different rates. Mental and emotional disturbances, negative thought forms, projections from other people and psychic hooks reveal themselves as areas that vibrate more slowly. They may feel sluggish, blocked, dense and have a dark color. You may feel emotional content such as fear, guilt, greed, shame, anger or victimization.

2.B- Focus your awareness and, with your breath, increase the light coming into the headdress.  
As your aura increases in vibration, the unwanted energy forms will vibrate beyond their ability to maintain form, bursting and releasing all the energy 
entrapped within. Let yourself feel light and free.                        

2.C- After dispersing unwanted energy forms, imagine the energy reversing direction and passing out  of the headdress through the opening at the top, vacuuming your aura and pulling psychic residue and debris out of your field to be dispensed.  

Finish By brushing your aura. Use your fingers to separate the light filaments and untangle snarled areas, fluffing the aura By brushing light, space, and color into your field.

Ground, center and establish boundaries.


Palth of Energy Winged Chakra
By Synthia Andrews, ND - Career Press, New Page Books
Illustrated Instructions
with audio version below

For more information about the benefits and uses of this meditation see, The Path of Energy, New Page Books, pages 48-49