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Adventures In Energy

Energy Basics

This section introduces key concepts and practices to engage your energy senses.


Subtle Energy Overview

If you’re looking at this page, you are curious about subtle energy no matter your level of knowledge of what it is, how to interact with it, and how being aware of it can improve your life. This short article will give you some basics, and hopefully inspire more questions than it answers! We'll take a quick look at the historical perspective of subtle energy, and then introduce energy structures of the body, and the benefits of energy awareness
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The Three Keys and Two Knacks
of Energy Awareness


Energy awareness is a natural part of your sensory system. The Three Keys of Attention, Intention, and Alignment, along with the Two Knacks of felt-perception, and active meditations opens you to your senses and increase your ability to read and direct energy.
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Conscious Breathing

Conscious breathing is nothing more than becoming aware of your breath and using it to direct your attention from the outside world of the mind to the inside world of the body. This shifts your state of being and deepens your awareness.  Being in your body allows you to access felt-perceptions. Conscious breathing is a vehicle to contact your inner self.
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Sensing Energy: Feeling the Flow

Your physical body is an energy sensing device. In addition to all the conscious and unconscious functions your body undertakes, it also receives and transmits energy. Opening your energy awareness begins with noticing how energy moves in your body and how your internal energy changes in response to external events. The Three Keys and Two Knacks can help you pay attention to the minute changes in internal and external energy flows
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Rescue Triage: Three Essential Practices for Every Person

Grounding, centering, and creating healthy boundaries are essential to safely and effectively working with energy. They are the rescue trio of the energy world. Actually, they are essential for all aspects of life and help you show up in situations as your full self. Grounding connects you to your body and Earth, providing strength, balance and the ability to grow. Centering provides heart-focused motivation and instills connection to your inspiration, spirituality and integrity. Healthy boundaries protect you from taking on what isn’t yours and from projecting onto others what is not theirs. Grounding, centering and healthy boundaries support you in being you
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