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Adventures In Energy

Easy Energy Recipes

Adventures In Energy

I am often asked whether energy awareness can help in everyday life. My answer is an emphatic yes! The following recipes help to overcome common challenges and intentions. 
If there are issues you want exercises for, send me a request through our email.

Alleviating Anxiety Image

Alleviating Anxiety

If you’ve read my book, The Path of Emotions (New Page books, 2013), you know that emotions provide essential information and at the same time, generate the energy needed to respond. However, there are times when feelings are overwhelming and need to be released just to get through the moment. This recipe does that in four simple steps.
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Clear Your Field

Clear your Field: Clearing your energy field is a daily practice that helps you see situations and people as they truly are, uncluttered with expectations, past disappointments, or overwhelming emotions. Clearing helps free you from self judgment, criticism, and blame
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Clear your field Image
Decision Making Image

Decision Making

You have everything you need to make the best decisions possible. All you need do is listen to your body. To start, ground, center and establish your boundaries. When you feel clear, name the options you are considering and try the following:
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Easing Pain

Pain is a signal from your body that all is not right. Pain demands that you pay attention to avoid further damage. Although pain can be highly functional, the presence of acute or chronic pain can consume your awareness and take over your thoughts. As you focus your attention on the pain, your energy flows to the area and increases the signal.
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Easing Pain Image.
Holding your space image

Holding Your Space

When challenged, most people resort to patterns of defensiveness, fear, manipulation and drama. When defensive, people become argumentative and righteous. When fearful, people collapse and give up. When manipulative, people push other people’s emotional buttons.
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