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Every month, I receive eight or nine books by new authors to review. Eleven years ago, my wife Kathryn brought me the draft for the first edition of this book, The Path of Energy, along with several others to consider for endorsement. When I read the book, I was astounded. In it, Synthia details the many ways in which we are subtle energy. She provides a framework to understand subtle energy along with exercises to discover how this energy works. Anyone who isn’t sure that subtle energy is real just has to try the exercises to learn the truth for themselves.I love this book. I have loved it from the very beginning. I kept the original on my night stand, carried it around with me, and later installed it on my phone. When I travel, I take it on the plane. Then if I’m stressed or out of alignment, I browse the book and do some exercises to reorganize myself and realign to the right path. In this book, Synthia has written a masterpiece.

Subtle energy is who we are. Understanding who we are and how to fully use our abilities is what this book is about. It’s a guide to the mastering of self. Today, even science is looking at the subtlest of reality. We are learning that subtle energy is quantum and quantum is subtle energy. Scientists have created robots only an atom thick and nano-particle machines that fit on the tip of a needle—no longer just the head of the needle, but the tip. And then there is you, a beautifully designed, living, cocreative, spiritual being. The exercises in this book reinforce that you, along with everyone else, are greater than all the nano-machines science has created. You are the ultimate nano-machine.

This book is about connection. It’s a gift in this time of worldwide divide and disconnection from our true self. Understand that the discord and disconnection of today is not an accident. It’s a planned part of the xiv Subtle Energy Work evolutionary times we’re in. Now, more than ever, we need to engage the subtle beauty of who we are and restore the vitally important connection with self. This book offers a gateway to that reconnection, a gateway back to self. We all want to be somebody. What Synthia has done in writing this step-by-step guide is help you understand that you are, already, somebody. The exercises prove and reinforce how great a somebody you are, a somebody who makes a difference in the lives of others and the world around you.


This book supports you in operating and working from your true self. The energy laws within help you interact in this refined level of nature. While the laws of nature can open your awareness, it’s the nature of those laws that assist you in accessing higher consciousness. To use this book to its fullest, you need to set a goal higher than simply becoming an adept or an empath. This book teaches a language anyone can grasp; it’s basic. Your success depends on your motivation, on the reason you want to sense, understand, and use subtle energy. The panoramic life review we undergo when we leave this plane is never about what we do, but the motivation of why we do it. Without intent, without proper motivation and a will to achieve, much of what you learn and master in

this book can work against you. That’s because knowing better is not good enough. Being better is the only way now.

What is being better? Since I died, went to the other side, and came back not once but three times, people often ask what the purpose is of coming here to Earth, to this plane of existence. I’ll tell you. Our job here is to practice being God. You think I’m having fun? Sit down and write all the things you consider God to be—compassionate, loving, caring, all knowing, protective, everything—and then ask yourself how many times a day you get to practice being one of those things. The answer is all day, every day, you get to practice all of these qualities. All day, every day, you get to practice being God. And that’s our job. That’s why we’re here. The truth of death is that it doesn’t exist. We never leave heaven. This 3-D reality is an apparition. We manifest our consciousness here,

accepting the illusion that we are separate, helpless, and lonely. We take on these limited illusions in order to practice being God. When you practice being God, you uplift more than yourself; you uplift every level of consciousness. This book will improve your ability to feel frequency and subtle energy. However, that is just the beginning. What’s next is to feel the frequencies and harmonics of the evolution underway and participate in raising consciousness.

If you have ever wanted to empower yourself and be able to uplift others, this book is for you. Synthia has a splendid way of explaining subtle energy. But remember that life is not a science, it is an art. If you bring your heart to mastering these exercises, you will have the motivation and intent to succeed, and your success will bring you one step closer to being the somebody you truly are.

I love you,

—Dannion Brinkley, international and New York Times

bestselling author,



Two years ago, a scrappy Appaloosa mare came to live at our small farm. She was short, only fifteen hands, and held her jaw in a tight knot of disapproval. Her coloring was strawberry roan with white spots that looked as though someone splattered white paint over her, earning her the name Pebbles. There was wild in her eyes.

Pebbles did not know how to trust. She leapt through doorways, anticipating danger. She stood at the back of her stall and watched everything with a hyper-vigilance that didn’t allow her to relax. She was afraid, and managed her fear through intimidating behaviors. She nipped at hands, threatened to kick, and flattened her ears when approached. When she was ridden, she was a bundle of nerves, jumping at the gentlest of commands.

I expected that, like every other horse I’d brought home, she would relax as she learned that she was safe. However, none of the methods I used to provide safety helped. She refused to hook-up and acted persecuted by the practices of natural horsemanship. I knew she had not been mistreated at her last home, even though she acted as though she had. Despite her threatening behavior, however, she wasn’t a mean horse. She threatened, but she never actually bit or kicked anyone. Her preference was to run away, and if she couldn’t run, she controlled her space by scaring people.

It took a while for me to realize that she was overly sensitive; she had no boundaries or protection against the stimulation around her. She perceived a normal talking voice as shouting. A gentle leg squeeze when being ridden felt to her like being kicked. It didn’t matter how soft I was, the signals themselves instilled anxiety. It was as though we were speaking different languages.

My friend Tiokasin Ghosthorse is fond of saying that, “We can’t wake up with the same language that put us to sleep.” He explains that our language shapes more than our thoughts; it shapes our ability to think. I believed I understood what he meant, that language structures how we frame reality, but Pebbles showed me his true meaning. She showed me that language itself is coded with emotional trauma. It didn’t matter how gentle I was. The words, signals, and ways of communicating were coded for her with fear from past trauma. The trauma she experienced was not intentional; she was loved, just misunderstood.

Pebbles and I were lucky. We found a gifted trainer, Kristen Eliot, who gave us a new language, a new way to communicate with each other that relied heavily on energy awareness. From using this language, Pebbles no longer has wild in her eyes. Her jaw is relaxed, and I can’t remember the last time she nipped at anyone. She engages our activities with trust.

When looking at the polarized conditions of today, laced with division, fear, and righteousness, I think that perhaps, like Pebbles, we need a new language. The one we’re using is coded with too much trauma. Our words no longer communicate; they direct us into corners for battle.

This is a pivotal time in history. We’re facing unprecedented, worldwide challenges. Old ways will not take us forward. We have to step outside of the box. The social and environmental chaos we’re experiencing is a reflection of changing energy patterns. Frequencies are shifting, causing disruption as the old crumbles. Ancient prophecy calls this a time of purification, a cleansing of outmoded ways via pestilence, pandemics, social divide, economic disruption, and Earth changes. This may well be an evolutionary leap since prophecies also claim the purification is the birthing of enlightenment.

Whether enlightenment is delivered dead or alive is entirely up to us. How each of us acts, what each of us brings to the table during this transitional period is creating the quality of the future. If we remain attached to the frequency of fear and division, we will present the worst of who we are as the best we have to offer and create it. We need a language of the heart, one of transformation that everyone can speak and understand.

I suspect this language is energy awareness. Every person, in every nation, every animal, every plant, Earth itself communicates through energy. We are born understanding this language; we are wired to negotiate the energy terrain of transformation. In the process of socialization, we’ve simply forgotten how. This book offers support in remembering.

We’re not born with an owner’s manual, and this book isn’t trying to be one. Each person experiences subtle energy in their own way as their instincts direct. This book is meant to provide suggestions for helping to wake up a sluggish system. It’s meant to help open energy perceptions

and use the principles of energy to create better life conditions. It supports people to confidently develop their own almanac of energy awareness. In a time when deception abounds, we must learn to trust our own perceptions.


In a holographic universe, the whole evolves together. Every one of us is part of the transformation underway. We are all being challenged to grow. Each of us holds a piece of the puzzle, and to move forward we need to put all the pieces together. We are born for this time. Let’s awaken and take this leap into greater awareness delighting in the mystery of life. It is my greatest pleasure in offering this material and my greatest hope that you find it helpful. As Dannion says in his foreword, what’s

missing in this book is the intent and heart the reader brings . Bring all of yourself, bring your heart, and enjoy!


How This Book Works

Part I (Chapters 1–4) consists of thirteen meditations to activate and move energy. They’re the heart of the book and include instructions with simple descriptions, benefits, and uses. Instructions are basic, easy to follow and understand, and encourage individual discovery. Part I also explores principles of subtle energy, explains how to activate the energy meditations, provides simple guidelines, and offers a troubleshooting guide to pinpoint difficulty.

Part II (Chapters 5–9) puts personal experience into a larger context. Anyone having difficulty understanding the meditations might want to read this section first. For others, this section will be old hat and skipping it is the best thing to do. This section describes energetic anatomy, explores the relationship between energy and emotions, assists in translating energy information, stimulates

intuition, and examines the role of attitudes and beliefs in creating human experience.

Part III (Chapters 10–20 and Conclusion) provides hands-on exercises for everyday use. The more you experience and practice moving energy, the more useful this section will be. It covers basics such as how to ground and center, create protection, clear space, manifest your dreams, vision your life, and build intimate relationships. It also helps develop higher awareness through expanded perception, remote sensing, channeling your higher self, and more. This section provides suggestions when the possibilities seem overwhelming. The recipes are suggestions only—examples of what are possible. Use them as is or modify as desired. They are only meant to inspire. The recipes are based on the thirteen mediations, but feel free to substitute your own inspiration.

Appendix A provides a brief description of how the meditations came into being and were originally used. Most are original, although some are modifications of traditional patterns with a new twist.

Appendix B is a resource guide with a list of books, websites, and resources for further study into energy reality.

Table Of Contents



Part I: Transformation and the Art of Moving Energy

Chapter 1: The Terrain

Chapter 2: The Tools

Chapter 3: Patterns of Light: Energy Meditations

Chapter 4: Troubleshooting

Part II: The Sea of Life-force

Chapter 5: Holographic Consciousness

Chapter 6: Understanding Subtle Energy

Chapter 7: Human Energy Systems

Chapter 8: Earth’s Energy Systems

Chapter 9: Deciphering the Language of Subtle Energy

Part III: Empowering Your Life

Chapter 10: Developing Personal Power: Grounding,

Centering, Creating Boundaries, and Presence

Chapter 11: Sensing Subtle Energy

Chapter 12: Energy Protection

Chapter 13: Clearing Space

Chapter 14: Earth Alignment

Chapter 15: Challenge and Limitation

Chapter 16: Dynamic Relationships

Chapter 17: Manifesting Your Vision

Chapter 18: Developing Intuition and Extrasensory Perception

Chapter 19: Healing: Reconnect and Repair

Chapter 20: Embodying Changing Consciousness

Chapter 21: The Evolutionary Empath

Conclusion: Completing the Circle


Appendix A: Origin of Meditations

Appendix B: Resources


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