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Adventures In Energy

Healing Seeds

Healing is often the first reason people are drawn toward energy awareness. The articles in this section introduce key concepts about what energy healing is and how it works. For more in-depth study, join our on-line class in  SEE TRUE: Energy Awareness Courses.

What Is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is an interaction between your intention and your body’s energy structures to restore balance, flow and alignment. This process can be self-administered or facilitated by an energy worker who focuses the session and helps move energy. No matter the type of healing practice, the ultimate intent it to restore the proper flow and balance of energy to support your body’s healing mechanisms.
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Energy Injury Physiology:

Vitality, flow, and coordinated action are key elements for your body-mind-spirit to operate as a synergistic whole. Discord disrupts this balanced synergy.
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Body Sounding Method
of Energy Work

Body Sounding is an approach to healing that centers on the dictum
“Know Thyself.”  The discord that causes ill-health is identified through patterns of muscle tension, alterations in energy flow and function, emotional content, vitality levels, and other indicators.  After you identify restrictive patterns,  The Body Sounding Method guides you in exploring the emotional content and function of the imbalance, as well as the potential spiritual opportunity.
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Morning Energy Healing Practice

Your mind, heart and body are in continual communication to promote your whole body health. Healing occurs in a neutral space where flow and alignment produce balance. This simple Morning Healing Practice creates the ideal conditions for healing to occur. It is so simple you may decide not to try it. It requires so little, you may think nothing is happening. But if you feel through your heart, you cannot fail to notice the benefits. In Taoist practice, it is called the Inner Smile.
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