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Downloads, Upliftments, and Activations

Spiritual opening and expansion of consciousness are much on people’s minds today, as they were at the turn of the 20th Century.  A spiritual movement, supported by a shift in scientific paradigm, was started then that continues into the present. It was in the early 1900s that Einstein developed his Theory of Relativity and the famous equation, E=MC2. He freed science from the materialistic cause and effect of Newtonian physics and opened the door to the discovery of Quantum mechanics. Inside this shift of paradigm, science and mysticism meet.

There are three occurrences people describe as part of a spiritual expansion: downloads, upliftments, and activations. Downloads are transfers of spiritual knowledge. Upliftments are encounters with transcendent emotions that raise the frequency of your energy. Activations turn on dormant spiritual/energetic structures so that you are better able to receive higher frequency energy, upliftments, and downloads. Most expansion experiences occur with an awareness of profound, living light.

As much as you may desire to experience one of these powerful events, you cannot will them into being. They are gifts that come when the timing is right. While they are spontaneous, however, you do, in some way, prepare for them. Perhaps you start a yoga class, thinking you are going for relaxation, or start meditating, just to reduce stress, and in doing so, begin the process of opening. Perhaps you have started reading about new ideas and concepts, signaling to the universe that you are ready.

Downloads are the transfer of knowledge from the divine that contain high energy vibration. They are downloaded from a more spiritual source and as the receiver you upload the information into your bodymind. Downloads often, but not always, occur with an experience of light. The event raises the frequency carried in your aura and energy structures and the new information changes your frame of reference and perspective. You have a shift in paradigm that might be quite small or very large.

You may not immediately know how to use the information you receive, but over time you will notice a subtle, or not so subtle, prompting toward certain expressions, ideas and activities. If you follow the promptings, your life will change. Of course, change can be scary. You may feel vulnerable in the face of censure by those who are more materially oriented, exposed in your work, or feel you risk your financial stability. Yet, you also feel inspired and energized.

To read one of the download experiences my husband and I shared, click here.

Upliftments are primarily emotional and energetic experiences. Elevation of consciousness occurs through an encounter with living light concurrent with a transcendent emotion. The emotion might be unconditional love, awe, or simply bliss. Your vibration changes and you are altered, never to return to the same limited view of life as before, not because you received a new understanding, but because you experienced a new way of being. Upliftment experiences are usually short, but seem to encompass eternity. What you carry and transmit to others through your Presence is changed. Your energy body becomes stronger and your ability to hold higher frequency energy increases.


Activations waken dormant structures in your energy body. Activations increase the amount and frequency of energy you are able to metabolize and work with. Activations clear energy obstructions in your aura and chakras, open energy pathways in your body, and expand your awareness. In a sense, activations prepare you to receive downloads and upliftments. They also become an attractive force that draws opportunity into your life.

There are many ways to activate your energy system. You can use sound, movement, sacred geometry, energy clearing practices, and active meditation. The thirteen meditations in my book, The Path of Energy, are all activations that influence different aspects of the bodymind and initiate expansion. People sell different types of activations on the internet. Learning how to create your own activations will be the focus of an upcoming blog, so stay tuned.

Discerning Illusion:

After an expansion experience, whether from a download, upliftment, or activation you are permanently altered. You may sink back into old patterns, but you will never see the world in the old way again. The beauty of your experience converts you. You live for something greater, no matter how imperfectly you achieve it. You may have times when you feel impatient, angry, or make poor decisions, or have stellar visions you are unable to fulfill, however, you have an understanding that cannot be erased. At some point, your experience translates into spiritual action. You may have only one expansion experience in your life, yet it fuels a radical new you. Once experienced, you never doubt its reality.

It is important to realize, however, that while some experiences feel real, they are illusions. For example, you might work with a false guru and undergo expansion based on an input of energy from the guru. This can be great, unless he or she doesn’t teach you how to sustain the expansion thus creating a dependency that allows you to be manipulated. Using mind-altering drugs, or undergoing a stress induced breakdown are additional examples of how illusory expansion experiences occur. There are distinctions in the experience that can help you discern the difference.

Genuine Expansion:

  • Does not require continued inputs of energy to keep it alive. Your awareness will rise and fall, as is natural, but the importance will never be lost.

  • Leaves you more attuned to the beauty of the world and divinity of life, even though nothing in your circumstance has changed.

  • Increases your tolerance and love of others.

  • In general, is followed by peaceful and productive action and improved effectiveness in life.

  • Leaves you feeling more grounded and connected to being alive.


The Illusion of Expansion:

  • Is often followed by an inability to be effective in life, or initiates violent action.

  • Is ungrounded and increases a sense of isolation or superiority.

  • Requires repeated inputs to sustain.

  • Contrasts the beauty of your experience with the ugliness of the world so that being alive has no value. 

  • Is often followed by depression or despair- a message from our bodymind to examine the situation more closely.

  • Increases judgment and criticism of others and self.

If you find yourself having had an illusion of expansion, don’t worry. You are now awake. Begin a meditation practice and restore your connection to Earth. Practice grounding, centering, and other aspects of energy awareness (see the Three Keys and Two Knacks). Use everything you have learned to further the opening of your spirit. You are an amazing spiritual being and how you awaken is not as important as awakening.

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