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Opening to Spirit

Is Your Body Becoming More Sensitive?

Are you feeling unusual sensations such as body jolting, inner vibration, shaking, goose bumps and tingling that occur in synchrony with events, so that your inner knowing seems verified? Do you think of someone only to immediately have him or her show up? Are you seeing colors around people? Are you assessing facts in light of internal discernment alongside rationality and logic?

If any of these describes changes you are experiencing, you might be wondering what’s up.

This is a time of accelerated change precipitating a leap in human evolution. In some ways, however, this is a backward leap, a return to reliance on inner senses we have somehow forgotten. What is underway is an awakening of our ability to perceive and consciously interact with life-force, the energy matrix of physical matter.

Life-force energy underlies the electromagnetic spectrum. It is undetectable by today’s technology. In the same way, radio and microwaves were once undetectable by technology, but now form the bases of the modern digital age. The Quantum age we are entering has established that matter can be both particle and wave, matter and energy. In Quantum reality, there is no separation between the seen and unseen, between the material world and that of life-force energy.

This evolutionary leap is an awakening of our energy senses to experience the unseen part of reality. Just as the eyes receive information in the spectrum of visible light frequency, and the ears receive information in the spectrum of audible sound frequency, the body receives subtle energy frequencies through specific energy structures. As the eyes and ears translate frequency into visual and auditory information, energy structures translate frequency information into gut feelings, intuition and other forms of body knowing.


Life-force is the sea of energy from which circumstances and events unfold. The ability to engage the energy realm is innate and natural, although mostly forgotten. Energy interactions take place as part of our subconscious awareness, directing perceptions and forming our gut instincts and intuition. The challenge is to make our subconscious awareness conscious and navigate the world of subtle energy, creatively generating the circumstances of our life.  

Positive change cannot be generated from the same mindset that created the problems we suffer with. More than a change in perspective, a change in how we perceive is underway. The five-senses are no longer enough. A reawakening of our so-called sixth-sense is underway.

Inner senses function at a deeper level of awareness. They bring us to an experience of greater unity between heart and mind, matter and spirit. Mental resistance to inner knowing is reduced. Self- doubt in pursuing path and purpose is replaced by Presence.

Your physical body is the vehicle for your consciousness It is wired to navigate the world of energy. Consequently, the key to changing how you perceive is to pay attention to your body. As you take notice, you begin to realize that certain sensations, emotions and perceptions correlate to specific changes in energy flow. These are called felt-perceptions and are the language of energy awareness (see Three Keys and Two Knacks, Chakra Clarity). Paying attention to your body helps you learn the language.

When you pay attention, felt-perceptions direct your inner knowing, gut feelings, instincts, and intuition. As you align with the flows of subtle energy, you are able to generate better circumstances in your life. Events unfold more easily and synchrony leads you into life enriching events. The ability to use mind and heart to manifest the circumstances of your life increases.

Clearing old patterns is an essential part of the transition. Past traumas must be healed. Healing, physically and emotionally, is easier when the process includes clearing the energy structures. There are many exercises to assist this process in my books, Subtle Energy Work and Path of Emotions and check out the articles in Healing Options.


Here is an easy energy clearing exercise:

  • Whenever you encounter a memory or emotion that in some way holds you back such as guilt, grief, or just not feeling good enough, take a moment and pause.

  • Notice where in your body the emotion is located. Maybe the area feels heavy, tight, empty or overflowing

  • Allow a vision to form of what the area and what the emotion looks like.

  • Breathe into this area. No need to change a thing, just offer this area your breath.

  • Your breath is the gift of life.

  • Your breath is the gift of light.

  • Breathe life and light into the are.

  • When the area feels free, continue on with what you were doing.

  • Notice the difference in how you feel.

This simple act of paying attention to areas of old trauma actually integrates your feelings and allows you to open to new perceptions. You might be surprised by sudden intuitive leaps of understanding.

Developing energy awareness returns you to your essence. Learning to read the language of energy increases your participation in the path and purpose of life.  As you remember your essence, the realization is awakened that you are a magnificent spiritual being with unlimited potential.

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