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Developing Your Presence

I am often asked what the benefit is of developing energy awareness. Is there a larger purpose than being more intuitive, clearer, and connected to life? Actually, there is. The greatest value in energy awareness is a return to your essence. Your essence is reflected in your Presence, the part of you that resides in the realm of Light.


Presence is the force you use to create your life, the canvass that conveys your essence to the world. It communicates the turmoil or serenity of your thoughts, the turbulence or coherence of your emotions, and the conviction of your truth. Presence reflects how you process, integrate, and use life-force. It reveals how you focus your attention and direct your energy.


Your inner-self is reflected outwardly through your Presence, drawing to you everything needed for the lessons and achievements of life. If you emanate turmoil, uncertainty, self-negation, that will be your canvass. Developing Presence will not give you a perfect life and ensure you will never encounter sorrow or challenge. Those experiences are part of being alive. However, your circumstances do not define you. Presence instills meaning, finds the growth and achievement in every circumstance.


Through Presence, the continuity between internal and external reality, the continuous flow from one to the other, is experienced. Placing your attention on a goal and investing it with emotional energy can create your desires. What you desire is determined by your perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs, which are obtained through the lens of your Presence. The more developed your Presence, the deeper and truer your perceptions and beliefs. What you create necessarily changes. The more developed your Presence, the greater creative force it carries. You can choose to limit your awareness to the single layer of the material world, or expand into the realm of spirit and Light. If you choose expansion, your experiences become magical.


The purpose of your life is to be your true self. Freeing your essence to shine is the purpose of developing Presence.


Your Presence has power. Gandhi called this power soul-force. When you bring your Presence to bear on a situation, you are providing the energy of awareness. No matter how hopeless or how little influence you have, your Presence makes a difference. Consider what it is like to be alone and in pain. Being alone can be worse than the pain itself. Your Presence surrounds those who suffer (Earth, animal, and human) with fellowship. When your soul touches another soul, suffering is shared, giving proof that the essence within is greater than the suffering.


If you believe you are powerless, the only course for self-defense is violence. If you know you are powerful, you can achieve greater results with soul-force of your Presence. The key skill in developing Presence is the ability to stay connected to your inner core while paying attention to the outer world.  Being in the present moment, balanced between the forces of the past and the forces of the future, is one of the most profound examples of this skill. The point of power, the place of decisions, is always in the present moment and the ability to be engaged in the present is the point of personal power.


The Circle of Life Meditation from Subtle Energy Work book activates an energy flow in the shape of a torus, or doughnut-like array, through and encircling your body. The doughnut hole of the torus aligns with your cylindrical core and the outer tube expands your personal emanation, clarifying your Presence.  Here’s a shortened version:


Increasing Presence exercise:

Listen to an audio version below

  1. Center and ground.

  2. As you inhale, draw energy up your center line from your base chakra.

  3. Breathe the energy upward along your Hara line and exhale it out through your crown chakra.

  4. Continue this breathing pattern for three deep, slow breaths.

  5. Imagine the energy flowing out the top of your head as a fountain, cascading in a 360 degree arc around you, collecting in a pool at your base.

  6. On your next inhalation, draw the energy from this pool up, through your body and exhale it out the top of your head, forming the circular torus pattern.

  7. With every complete breath cycle, increase the size of the torus until it reaches the largest radius you can sustain with ease.

  8. Notice your balance, vitality, clarity and attention.

  9. When you are done, call your energy back into your center and sit quietly as your body integrates the experience.


There are eight energy practices in my book The Path of Presence that focus your energy into developing Presence.


Guided Audio Meditation

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