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Multi-Dimensional Wiring

Modern physics theorizes that the universe is made of multiple dimensions, an idea shared with several ancient civilizations. The ancient Maya, Egyptians, Asians, and Hindu are well known for describing multiple dimensions. The Maya explored nine dimensions below physical reality and nine above. The Hindu understood seven dimensions interwoven with the physical.


Ancient people believed the human body was energetically wired to interact with these other dimensions. In Asian philosophy, humans are woven into the fabric of the universe through acupuncture points in their fingers and toes, like warp and weft points in a loom. In Maya understanding, humans are linked to thirteen specific points in the galaxy through thirteen major joints in the body. In the ancient Hindu system, the human body is linked to the seven dimensions through seven layers of the aura that surround the body and seven energy centers within the body called chakras.


If humans are wired into other dimensions, then clearly we must be multi-dimensional beings. The current time of awakening is bringing us back to this awareness.


Essentially, different dimensions vibrate at different and specific rates. In the Hindu system, each dimension resonates with the vibration in a specific layer in the aura around the body. The information received by the aura from that dimension is fed into the body through chakras and distributed through channels called nadis. Consequently, we are wired into the different levels of reality. As we grow in awareness we incorporate information from all of our chakras and begin to consciously interact with the seven dimensions of reality.


According to this model, we are woven into the structure of the dimensional universe through our energetic and physical bodies.  Our body has everything we need to interact with the whole of reality. The problem is that our body doesn’t come with an owner’s manual. We were born with energy awareness, but instead of being trained in how to use the energy information we receive, we were trained to ignore it. The job now is to remember. We all know how to read energy, we’ve just forgotten. (see Chakra Clarity and Three Keys and Two Knacks articles.)

In the past, expanding consciousness was viewed as rising through the chakras from the lower, more physical dimensions to the higher, more spiritual dimensions. Growth was a step-by-step progression with the assumption of a basic duality where spirit is good and matter is not. Spiritual growth required transcending the lower physical planes which were considered traps. The body was considered a prison that had to be escaped through a process of ascension through the chakra system.


Truthfully, the body is only a prison because we make it one. It is designed as a vehicle for our consciousness to explore multi-dimensionality. Physical reality is part of spiritual reality- it cannot be separated and we are wired to encompass and inhabit all levels of reality simultaneously. Rather than being trapped in the material, the body provides an anchor for us in the physical plane. The gift of a physical body is often overlooked and physical reality associated with pain, suffering and ego. 


What if we are not here to escape the physical and ascend, but to experience life as fully functional humans? What if we can raise our frequency such that matter loses its hold on our consciousness and we are free to come and go between dimensions at will, anchored in the physical, free to use our creative energy to experience Earth and Sky simultaneously?


We have everything we need. There is no better time than now. Start at the beginning: be present in the moment, feel the body, breathe, feel the ambiance, and listen to the energy.

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