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Body Sounding Method

The Body Sounding Method: An approach to energy healing


Body Sounding is a modality that centers on self-awareness as the path to healing, and awareness itself as medicine. Paying attention to patterns of muscle tension, alterations in energy flow, emotional holding, vitality levels, and other indicators provides clues to the health of our physical and energetic ecosystem. The physical illness we experience it’s only the tip of the iceberg, the part of our complex functioning that is easily seen and interacted with. However, to treat the tip and ignore the underlying iceberg will not promote full healing.


The Body Sounding Method explores the emotional content and subconscious beliefs that contribute to physical and emotional imbalance. The method also explores and unveils the spiritual opportunity within the process of healing. In the deepening of inner connection, we invite restrictive patterns to shift.  As energy flow returns, an optimal environment is created for healing.


Typical methods of energy healing address disruptions in our energy structures, meridians, chakras and the aura independent of each other (see Subtle Energy Overview). The energy systems are treated individually, each dealing with a particular vibration of energy. While each system expresses within a individual frequency range, the Body Sounding Method focuses on the interactive linkages between the systems. It responds to the symphony of frequencies that create who we are.

Science today recognizes that physical matter is organized through fields of energy. William Saxton Burr, a Yale scientist investigating embryo development, demonstrated in the 1950s the importance of what he named a life-field in coordinating the differentiation of a developing fetus. The life-field that guides our embryonic growth remains at birth and throughout life, coordinating the functions of the body-mind. The flow from the life-field into and through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of our being form an interactive ecosystem. The better aligned each aspect is with the whole, the more unrestricted the flow of subtle energy.


As discussed in the article, Energy Injury Physiology, disease and dysfunction are the result of isolation.  Healing is a return to unimpeded flow between our life-field template and our physical being. This often requires clearing old trauma.  The emotional/energy wound caused by trauma is located in the physical body and has been named by John Upledger as an energy cyst (see Energy Injury Physiology).


What is a Physio-energetic Complex?

An energy cyst contains the unprocessed emotions of a traumatic wound. The cyst forms energy linkages with various layers of the aura and specific chakras, becoming the center of a larger complex of emotions entangled within the energy systems. Such complexes form over time, The chakras that generate the specific emotions involved in the trauma become congested and the meridians that transmit the emotional information become restricted. The layers of the aura that transmit the vibration of the trauma make a portal that attracts similar limitation in the outer world. All the systems, bound together with the energy cyst at the center, become a physio-energetic complex.

Complexes contain geometric patterns with anchors in multiple sites in each of the energy systems. The geometries penetrate the body, making connections from front to back, side to side, inside to outside, on and off the body, and from one person or place to another. Energy is constrained within the geometrical construct, causing energetic imbalances and isolation in the same way muscle tension creates physical imbalance and isolation.

At first, the physio-energetic complex is functional as it protects from overwhelm and breakdown. However, when the emotions of the trauma are not processed and the energy contained is not released, overtime, the complex begins to work against us. It steals our vitality, causes pain, hampers the coordination of our physiological systems, draws limiting experiences, and interferes with our alignment to spirit. Ultimately, the content of the construct isn’t processed because we don’t want the pain, perhaps believing we are incapable of handling it. Healing connects us with the depth of our inner resource and spiritual support.

How the Body Sounding Method Works

All healing is self-healing. Practitioners are not performing healings; they are holding safe space for a person seeking to unwind the energy and emotions of their wounding. The Body Sounding Method supports the shifting of frequency within a physio-energetic complex using touch, sound, sacred geometry, essential oils, and body processing practices. Once a complex is identified the person’s awareness of the pattern frees the emotions, allowing them to surface for processing. If unprocessed emotions don’t surface, the timing might not be right, or the emotions might not need to; becoming aware of the pattern may be all that’s needed for the bound energy to release. Overtime, the skins of the onion reveal deeper and deeper levels of the imbalance until harmony is restored.

When memories and emotions surface during a session, rather than being relived, they are witnessed from a different perspective. The mental lock is released and the frozen emotion thaws. The information the recipient needs to grow and reclaim their power is integrated. The experience for the recipient is one of safety and support. Sometimes it’s an inner journey with no words exchanged with the practitioner. Other times, the practitioner gently facilitates inner exploration. In both situations, the result is the return of creative, empowered choice, and the progression of healing.

Ultimately, the recipient is in charge of the process. The practitioner reflects the pattern; the recipient directs the process. The practitioner holds a healing space; the recipient does the healing.


Guiding principles of The Body Sounding Method 

  • All healing is self-healing. The Body Sounding practitioner facilitates energy flow; healing is an interaction between the recipient and spirit. 

  • In Body Sounding, the practitioner does not channel energy through their body to the receiver. The receiver has their own access to the source of healing energy. The practitioner holds space for the receiver to realize and establish their own flow and, if appropriate, may guide the receiver to this end.

  • Since the Body Sounding practitioner is not directly involved in an exchange of energy with the recipient, both are protected from taking on unhealthy energy patterns from the other.

  • The practitioner interacts with the recipient’s energy and draws the recipient’s awareness to limiting patterns. It’s accepted that every pysio-energetic complex is in place for a reason. The goal is not to remove it, but to understand its function and eliminate the need for it.

  • Practitioners support the recipient’s connection to spirit, inviting higher frequency energy with more enlightened information into the recipient’s energy flow.

  • Each person is seen as a highly functioning whole. The practitioner joins the recipient on a sacred inner journey of experiencing wholeness.

  • The job of the practitioner is to reflect the recipient’s passage. It is not their job to change, judge, analyze, or direct the process.

  • Body Sounding is based on the tenets of love, respect, and connection.

  • The ultimate goal is “Know Thyself.” Rather than having a fixed objective, the process is an ongoing return to self.


Training to be a practitioner in the Body Sounding Method is a journey into self. Before the learning of techniques and use of tools, the relationship with one’s own energy system and healing process is explored. If you are interested in more information about training in The Body Sounding Method, send me an email for an application to upcoming training. In the meantime, look at our online courses.

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