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Chakras: The Body Sounding Model

Chakras are physio-energetic centers in the body that guide spiritual evolution. In deciding to learn more about chakras, you are following a spiritual impulse to know your essence. You are making a decision to expand your awareness.


The chakras have many functions, most of which can be divided into these groupings:


Chakra is a Hindu word meaning wheel. Chakras are described as wheel-like vortices that metabolize subtle energy.  In the Hindu system there are seven main chakras residing in the head, neck and torso of the body. They are anchored in the core of the body and positioned along a central line of energy called the Hara line with projections into the aura through both front and back emanations (See Figure The Chakra System). In addition, there are many minor chakras in places such as the palms of the hands, soles of the feet and joints.

Your chakras communicate between your inner reality and the outer world. They sense the ambiance and receive energy information in the form of frequency, then translate the information into emotions and body signals your subconscious mind understands. The processed energy information contributes to your intuition. This energy-based chakra system is associated with two physical systems, the neurological and endocrine systems. Information extracted from the ambiance is transmitted through a particular chakra to its own corresponding nerve plexus and endocrine organ, thereby conveying awareness into the bodymind.

Chakras are windows to the soul. They communicate your inward life of thoughts and feelings outward into the world. The compilation of who you are is broadcast into the ambiance to become the attractive force that calls forth the circumstances of your life. Your alignment with life-force and the development of your awareness determines how well you overcome challenges and generate opportunity.

Each chakra guides a unique aspect of soul development, an expansion of consciousness that corresponds to a specific frequency. The frequency reflects a quality of awareness and character, and generates a particular color, sound, and expression.  Unhealed traumas are stored within the chakra that corresponds to the developmental challenge being experienced. Healing, then, involves integrating the trauma held within a chakra and turning it into a growth event.

There are additional chakras to the seven located along the Hara line. These are located above the head and below the torso on the same line as the Hara line.  One is called the Soul or Solar Star and is six to eighteen inches directly above the head. The other is called the Earth Star and is located in the area between the knees. The Soul Star connects with your physical essence in spiritual form. The Earth Star chakra connects to your spiritual essence in physical form. Together, they maintain the balance between matter and spirit that is life

The chakras are portals of perception. They are gateways of essential information in becoming a fully functioning human. They are holographic in nature. Each chakra represents a unique vantage point for your total awareness and provides a particular set of skills.  Rather than ascending through degrees of awareness, actualization is the awakening of the entire system. As one chakra grows, all do.

In the Body Sounding ™ Chakra Model, energy ascends from Earth through the Earth Star and into the Base chakra, at the same time that it descends through the Soul Star and into the Crown chakra. The two polarities meet in the Heart before continuing to ascend or descend. The Heart chakra is the seat of the soul; the throne of your spiritual essence. The heart is the pivot point between spirit and form, the center of transformation and transcendence. 

Emotions generated in the chakras are reflections of your thoughts, beliefs and attitudes. They represent how you energetically process life events. Chakras are dynamic, opening with the desire to grow and experience, and closing with the need to integrate or protect. You will certainly function better in some chakras than others, depending in what you are learning and what the situation is. For example, a person might function highly in their Heart chakra when dealing with relationships; yet have a hard time keeping their Heart chakra open when examining business goals

To explore additional aspects of the chakras such as anchoring and connecting, and for tools to explore the abilities conferred though each chakra, see The Path of Emotions.

This chart can help you assess which your chakras. To balance your system, try the Chakra Clearing meditation at the bottom of this page

Easy Access Chakra Associations from The Path of Emotions

Chakra Name: Soul Star
Location: 6-18 inches above the head

Color: Opalescent White Light

Tone: Upper octave C

Consciousness: Unity Consciousness

Perspective: Interconnection with spiritual beings and spiritual reality

Sense: Direct awareness

Derived from: Unity

Ability: Connect and communicate with divine beings and forces

Chakra Name: 7th or Crown
Location: Top of head

Color: White, Gold or Violet

Tone: C with B

Nerve Plexus: Central Nervous System

Endocrine Organ: Hypothalamus/Pineal

Consciousness: Universal Consciousness

Perspective: Highest and best good of all

Sense: Gnosis- inner knowing

Derived from: Direct download

Ability: Maintain alignment to your purpose

Chakra Name: 6th or Third Eye
Location: Between eyebrows

Color: Cobalt Blue

Tone: C with A

Nerve Plexus: Autonomic Nervous System

Endocrine Organ: Pituitary/Pineal

Consciousness: Creation Consciousness

Perspective: Divine plan behind and within events

Sense: Insight

Derived from: Psychic perception, Clairvoyance

Ability: 1) Ability to see blueprints and make structures; 2) Can perceive other peoples motives and agendas

Chakra Name: 5th or Throat
Location: Middle of the Throat

Color: Sky Blue

Tone: C with G

Nerve Plexus: Cervical Plexus

Endocrine Organ: Thyroid
Consciousness: Clarity Consciousness

Perspective: Authentic Self: personal inner truth

Sense: Intuition

Derived from: Vibration Clairaudience

Ability: Ability to hold an intention with commitment, to clear out the old and to call forth what is needed to empower plans

Chakra Name: 4th or Heart

Location: Center of chest on sternum

Color: Pink or Green

Tone: C with F

Nerve Plexus: Cardiac Plexus

Endocrine Organ: Thymus and Heart (as endocrine organ)

Consciousness: Holographic Consciousness

Perspective: Divine Essence within other people and all life force

Sense: Empathy

Derived from: Resonance

Ability: Ability to stay connected with good in self and others regardless of circumstances and outcomes

Chakra Name: 3rd or Solar Plexus
Location: Above belly button, between rib cage
Color: Yellow

Tone:  C with E

Nerve Plexus: Solar Plexus

Endocrine Organ: Pancreas Adrenal Cortex

Consciousness: Personal  or Self Consciousness

Perspective: Personal power, will power and self-mastery

Sense: Gut Feelings

Derived from: Mental and Emotional Processing

Ability: Ability to see your own and other’s  unique contribution and personal strength

Chakra Name: 2nd or Sacral
Location: Below belly button, above pubic bone

Color: Orange

Tone: C with D

Nerve Plexus: Lumbo-Sacral Plexus

Endocrine Organ: Ovaries and Testes

Consciousness: Creative Consciousness

Perspective: Creative expression and passion

Sense: Inspiration

Derived from: Awakening

Ability: Ability to energize life through creative passion: fire in the belly

Chakra Name: 1st or Base/Root
Location: The perineum, between the anus and the sex organs
Color: Red

Tone: C

Nerve Plexus: Sacral-Coccygeal

Endocrine Organ: Adrenal Medulla

Consciousness: Survival Consciousness

Perspective: Material and financial foundation

Sense: Instinct

Derived from: Inherent wisdom

Ability: Ability to get things done in material realms; logistical, practical skills

Chakra Name: Earth Star
Location: Between knees

Color: Opalescent Silver

Tone: Lower octaves of C

Consciousness: Earth Consciousness- Consciousness within matter

Perspective: Realm of elemental beings  and binding forces

Sense: Sense Proportion

Derived from: Sacred Geometry

Ability: Ability to work with the space between molecules that hold matter in physical form so can restructure physical form

Chakra Clearing Meditation

chakra clearing meditation
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