Adventures In Energy

Energy Basics

Conscious Breathing

Conscious breathing is nothing more than becoming aware of your breath and using it to direct your attention from the outside world of the mind to the inside world of the body. This shifts your state of being and deepens your awareness. Being in your body allows you to access felt-perceptions. Conscious breathing is a vehicle to contact your inner self.


The most important benefit of conscious breathing is that it harnesses your attention. Your attention is the most powerful tool you have in developing awareness. When your mind is jumping from place to place, when your attention is on things other than the present moment, you lose your connection to your body. You lose the information your body is receiving and in so doing, diminish your energy awareness and intuition

The breath is the link between the body and the mind. When the breath is shallow and limited, attention is kept in the head and outside of the body. This pattern develops in order to avoid uncomfortable feelings. Taking short, shallow breaths, or holding the breath for short periods of time protects you from feeling uncomfortable emotions and sensations in your body. It also keeps you from being present in the moment.

Take a deep breath right now and notice how your mind is instantly calmer and your awareness of your body instantly increased.  If you want to deepen this awareness further, deepen your breathing. Deep, relaxed, unforced breathing draws your attention down out of your mind and inward to your Heart. When you deepen your breath, it’s impossible for your bodymind not to change. Within a few minutes of such breathing, you will be in a different place than before you started. Your mind will be calmer and clearer, your muscles more relaxed, and your attention more focused. This is inevitable.