Adventures In Energy

Rescue Triage: Three Essential Energy Practices for Every Person

Energy Basics

Grounding, centering, and creating healthy boundaries are essential to safely and effectively work with energy. They are the rescue trio of the energy world. Actually, they are essential for all aspects of life and help you show up in situations as your full self. Grounding connects you to your body and Earth, providing strength, balance and the ability to grow. Centering provides heart-focused motivation and instills connection to your inspiration, spirituality and integrity. Healthy boundaries protect you from taking on what isn’t yours and from projecting onto others what is not theirs. Grounding, centering and healthy boundaries support you in being you.


Whether doing energy work or facing the difficulties of life, there can be moments when you feel disconnected, overwhelmed or drained, and wonder if you’re even sane. Don’t worry. These feelings are natural and to be expected. If you go through life and never feel them, then you haven’t challenged your comfort zone or stretched your growth edge. However, when you do feel lost, this trio helps you reconnect.

  • Grounding is how you connect to Earth. The body is essentially an electromagnetic circuit and grounding avoids overwhelming your circuits. Grounding increases your strength and balance.

  • Centering focuses your attention on the core of your being where your authentic self resides. When you are centered, you are connected to your inner truth and able to perceive more clearly.

  • Grounding and centering are the prime elements in creating healthy boundaries. Your boundary represents where you end and another begins. It demarcates your emotional, physical and energetic space. The boundary allows you to stay connected and flowing while protecting you from taking on what isn’t yours.


Grounding: Strength and Balance

Grounding is how you connect to Earth and your body. Your physical strength and the amount of energy your system can process are increased when you connect with Earth. To ground, all you have to do is put your attention on Earth. Where your attention goes is where your energy flows. When you put attention on Earth, your energy descends in your body to connect with Earth, and Earth’s energy rises within you. When you are grounded in your body, you have access to your felt-perceptions.


Grounding balances your energy field by dispersing excess charge in the same way grounding wires disperse charge. Grounding establishes roots that replenish your energy and establish strength, flexibility and growth. When you pick up a negative charge, grounding provides release. In short, grounding helps you be more connected, responsive, engaged, energized and fully present in the moment. 


Simple Grounding exercise (adapted from Earth and Sky Meditation, Path of Energy)

  1. Place your attention (and hands, if you want) on your belly, under your belly button and above your pubic bone. This area is the center of your physical body. It is often called the Hara.

  2.  As you inhale, visualize energy flowing down into your body through the top of your head. 

  3. Breathe this energy all the way down into your Hara.

  4. Exhale, and imagine this energy flowing out through your sacrum and feet deep into the Earth sending three, strong roots into the ground. 

  5. Inhale, and bring the energy of Earth up into your body through your roots, bringing the strength of Earth into your body.

  6. Exhale, and send your energy down into Earth.

  7. Continue to inhale and exhale through Earth.

  8. In just a few breaths you will enjoy the benefits of feeling connected to your physical center and the Earth.



Centering focuses your attention in your heart where your core-self resides. Your heart-center is the home of your connection to your spiritual Source. It is sacred space. When you are centered, you are connected to your values, integrity and inner truth. You have access to unconditional love and divine inspiration. Centering helps you stand resolved and compassionate in the face of obstacles.


Your heart-center is connected to your hands. Your hands are the vehicle through which you physically touch the world. We lend a helping hand, handle responsibility, and carry our hearts in our hands. The hands and the heart are energetically connected.


Simple Centering exercise:
(adapted from Winged Disc Meditation in the book Path of Energy)
Listen to an audio version below


  1. Put your left hand over your heart and cover it with your right hand.   

  2. As you inhale, imagine light from your spiritual Source entering the top of your head and collecting in your heart, filling it with brilliance.

  3. Exhale and open your arms, letting the energy of your heart flow out through your hands to the world.

  4. With each inhale, let energy build in your heart forming a magnificent star.

  5. With each exhale, release heart-centered energy to the world.

  6. Continue until you feel the clear, calming effects of being centered and connected to life.

Creating Boundaries

Your boundary is the place where you end and another begins. It marks your emotional, physical and energetic space. Healthy boundaries allow you to feel your links and exchange with others without losing your personal identity, uniqueness or autonomy. Creating and maintaining healthy boundaries requires discernment and flexibility.


When doing energy work, your boundary ensures that you don’t take on another person’s energetic condition, or fall under someone else’s influence. At the same time, your projections are restrained, ensuring that you don’t force your own persona or opinions on another person. Healthy boundaries maintain your neutrality and demonstrate that you know who you are, have confidence in yourself, are connected to your source, and trust and respect the path of others.


When you have poor boundaries, the demarcation of your aura may appear either very weak or very rigid. When it is weak, you can take on another’s energy, be susceptible to psychic attack, or become dependent on another to bolster your energy. You can lose your connection to your center and have trouble walking your individual path. You can lose connection with your body so that you no longer receive the energy information your body provides. Without boundaries, your personal power is diminished. Effective energy work becomes difficult if not impossible.


Too rigid a boundary reflects detachment from life. Your aura becomes hard and impenetrable. While this seems protective, flow is essential to health and function. Lack of flow causes isolation. Overly rigid boundaries give the illusion of personal power, yet are as energetically disabling as not having any boundaries at all.


One of the greatest benefits to healthy boundaries in energy work is the creation of a neutral space. Neutrality is essential to accurately sensing energy, receiving intuitive information, and facilitating a healing response in the body. When you are invested in an outcome, your attention is linked to the outcome and that is where your energy flows. Your answers then reflect your preferences.  Neutrality trusts the universe/divine heart/higher truth/god to hold the highest outcome so that you can remain unbiased.


Create your boundaries exercise 
(adapted from The Spiral Pillar of Light in the book The Path of Energy)


  1. Ground and center as above.

  2. Spread your arms straight out from your body and demark your personal space. Twist, bend, move in every direction and explore your space.

  3. Inhale and imagining a Pillar of Light coming down into, through, and around you to the Earth, creating a circle of safety and peace.

  4. Breathe into your core and expand your brilliance. Fill your personal space with light.

  5. Intend that only input for the highest and best good of all enter or leave your boundary.

  6. Create a garden in the space inside your circle and don’t let anyone in who doesn’t respect the garden. This is your space, keep it clean.


Grounding, Centering and Creating a Boundary exercise
Listen to the audio versions below.


  1. Put your right hand over your Hara (the area under your belly button and above your  pubic bone) and your left hand over your heart.  

  2. Inhale and visualize energy flowing into your body through the top of your head. 

  3. Breathe this energy through your body all the way to the area under your right hand, your Hara. Let this area fill with light.

  4. Exhale and imagine sending this energy out through your sacrum deep into the Earth like sending roots into the ground. 

  5. Inhale and visualize energy rising from the Earth through your body to your heart under your left hand. Let this area fill with light.

  6. Exhale and imagine sending this energy out through the top of your head as branches of a tree reaching into the sky.

  7. Continue breathing through the branches and roots of your energy body while filling your core. Cradle the energy in your core between your two hands.

  8. Continue and you will soon feel the clear, calming effects of being centered and grounded.

  9. When you are ready, as you inhale, bring energy in from Earth and sky at the same time.

  10. Exhale and send the energy out into the space around you, filling it with light.

  11. Extend the light three feet away from your body and imagine a bright border at its limit demarcating your space.

  12. Put your awareness inside this line and say, “This is me.”

  13. Put your awareness on the outside of this line and say, “This is you.”

  14. Do this several time until the boundary around you is bright, clear and strong.