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Adventures In Energy

Energy Basics

Sensing Energy: Feeling the Flow

The physical body is an energy sensing device. In addition to all the conscious and unconscious functions the body undertakes, it also receives and transmits energy. Developing energy awareness begins with noticing how energy moves in the body, then noticing how our internal energy changes in response to external events The. Three Keys and Two Knacks help us pay attention to the minute changes in internal and external energy flows so we can sense energy more easily.


Sensing Internal Energy Flows

The vital life force that flows through our body has a very fine vibration that is difficult to feel with the physical senses. The effect subtle energy has, however, is easily experienced through our felt-senses. The nature of energy is to flow. When energy flows through the body it precipitates change. It is often accompanied by body jolts, tingles, dizziness, goose bumps, a sense of opening, warmth, receptivity, softening, upliftment, happiness, connection, belonging, joy (and any transcendent emotion), or just the simple awareness of flow. As we begin to pay attention and notice how we experience the movement of energy, we develop a language for how our body-mind communicates with our conscious mind.


Imbalances in energy flow can happen through obstructions that cause a build up of energy on one side, and deficiency of energy on the other. Ultimately this creates stagnation. Lack of flow reduces life-force and lowers vitality.  This can feel as stiffness, sluggishness, muscle tension, depletion, isolation, and pain. In the chakras, it creates mental fixations on the developmental stage of the restricted center. This can be felt as anxiety, obsession, depression and more, impacting our ability to enact our plans and attain our goals.

Excessive energy flow creates another kind of imbalance. This happens when we cannot hold our energy. Energy rushes through us, leaving us empty or, alternately, keeping us in a state of hyperactivity. Too much energy, quickly moving energy, or even energy of too high frequency can overwhelm the nervous system. In such case, we might experience poor attention, anxiety, insomnia, inability to focus, delusion,  restlessness, and an inability to make our dreams into reality. 


Energy channels, or meridians, are often described as inhabiting defined structures. This expectation creates an obstacle to being able to feel internal flow of energy. In reality, energy doesn’t really flow in tubes; it’s defined by differences in vibration. The movement of energy is a vibration that is like waves passing through an ocean. When we visualize energy as motion rather than structure, it’s easier to feel.


Experiencing External Energy Flows

We exist within a sea of unseen energy. The flow between our body and the outside world is constant, whether we’re paying attention or not. This exchange connects us to all that is. The exchange occurs through our aura and chakras, as described in Subtle Energy Overview, and translated into body sensation, emotions, and so forth. Consequently, sensing external energy means being aware of internal changes responding to what is happening around us. The Path of Emotions details how our emotions translate energy information and explains how to use emotions to develop awareness. Coupled with body sensations, our feelings and emotions are connectors to the flow of life.


The easiest way to feel specific energy fields, such as the aura around other people or plants, is through the hands. Our hands are especially sensitive due to an accumulation of negative ions. Try facing the palms of your hands toward each other, then push them together and pull them apart, compressing and stretching the energy in between. Notice what you feel.


The same sense of magnetic repulsion and attraction can be used to feel other people’s energy. Our hands are antennas transmitting signals to the receivers of our chakras. If we couple what we feel in our hands with our felt-senses and perceptions, we enter a deeper level of awareness. 


Seeing Energy

Unless clairvoyance is our natural strongest intuitive sense, it’s usually easier to feel energy than to see it. ( See Test Your Intuition Type). However, if we want to strengthen our ability to see energy emanations, it helps to train your brain to process information differently. The Magic Eye book series by N E Thing Enterprises is a helpful tool. When the pictures in the book are focused on using ordinary perception, the pictures are simple objects, random lines or basic patterns. However, with a shift of perception, a three dimensional picture emerges.


To see the three dimensional image, we have to alter our eye focus and look beyond the image in the picture. This allows the brain to connect different points of information so that the three dimensional pattern emerges. Successfully shifting our perception creates a distinct feeling in the brain. Once we have felt this, we can recreate the feeling to enhance our ability to see energy.


To use this method to see another person’s aura, we un-focus our eyes, and look beyond the person in the same way as looking at the Magic Eye pictures. We know we’re getting close when we experience the distinct feeling of the brain beginning to shift. The more we struggle for this to happen, the farther away it gets. It helps to let go of expectation and use conscious breathing to stay focused in the present moment.


Most people see energy with their inner vision. Energy information is often translated into a visual image in the mind’s eye. It can be helpful to practice sensing energy with our hands while being open to the images that form in our mind’s eye. We can test what we see against what we feel with our hands and felt-senses and perceptions. As with all energy information, we must use discernment. Rather than take an image as absolute reality, we accept the image as the starting point in an investigation.



When learning how to feel energy, much emphasis is placed on physical sensations. Difficulty often arises when we try too hard to feel the sensation of energy moving through our channels, or the magnetic push-pull of energy in our hands. However, the sensations are not what are important; they are only indicators of movement. It’s like looking for a twig traveling in a stream. Whether there is a twig or not, whether you feel something or not, the stream is still flowing.


Don’t get discouraged. Try not to over focus on physical sensations as proof for the existence of energy, or as a demonstration of our ability to interact with it. Each of us is unique, and how we experience and know energy is known only to ourselves. Eventually, we develop our own library of experiences that represent our personal awareness of energy. No one experiences energy exactly the same.


Daily practice of paying attention to our internal energy flows is the foundation of our library of experiences that guides our energy awareness. As we start to notice our inner flows, we begin to see how they correlate with our mental and emotional states. We also begin to see how they interact with external events and stimuli. We start to see that it’s not our mind sending our energy places, but our energy and attention co-creating opportunities and experiences.

To learn more purchase Subtle Energy Work, The Path of Emotions or join our on-line class, Energy Basics 101.

Seeing Energy
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