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Energy Basics

Three Keys and Two Knacks: Tools for Energy Awareness

Energy awareness is a natural part of your sensory system. Three Keys opens you to your senses and increase your ability to read and direct energy.


The Three Keys

Key #1: Attention:

The first key to energy awareness is attention. Your attention is the principal instrument for activating and directing energy. To use your attention, it must be accessible meaning it must be free and unattached to past conditioning, future expectations or places other than where you are. It needs to be anchored in your body through your breath and available for direction in the present time and place.


Conscious Breathing is the practice to anchor your awareness in your body. Your breath begins in your head via your mouth, and ends in your torso at the bottom of your diaphragm. The movement of your breath brings your attention naturally from your head into your body. Conscious breathing shifts your internal state of being, and frees your attention, leaving it available to receive information from the bodymind.

Key #2: Intention:

The second key to energy awareness is Intention. Attention is a focused mind; Intention is a focused heart. Intention directs your attention to an objective. Intentional Attention is the most powerful force imaginable. To form your Intention, identify your deepest truth and the objective that organically grows from it. 

Key # 3: Alignment:

The third key to energy awareness is alignment. To allow flow, your attention and intention must be in alignment with your authentic self. Your authentic self is connected to your deepest truth. This will be personal to you, no one is the same. For me, it is the part of me that knows we come from and return to Love. The more I can identify with Love, the less divided and more authentic I feel. Finding your deepest truth will bring the disparate parts within yourself into line with your attention. Energy flows along the lines of connection, turning your Intentional Attention into a vibrant force.

The Two Knacks

Attention, Intention and Alignment are your keys to unlocking your perceptions. These keys help you access energy information coming to you from your bodymind. Being able to decipher and use this information is the first Knack in energy awareness. The second Knack is being able to consciously direct your energy.


Knack # 1 Felt-perception:

Felt-perceptions, also called felt-senses, are the awarenesses you gain based on a combination of mental insight with body sensations, emotions, and feelings. Felt-perceptions form the basis of intuition, gut feelings, hunches, and deeper insights that reveal your inner truth. They represent the language used by your Heart to communicate with your conscious mind. Here is a short list of ‘vocabulary words’ of this language. For a longer, more detailed discussion, see my newest book, The Path of Presence (New Page Books, Sept. 2016):

  • Sensations such as goose bumps, shivers, hot and/or cold that arise in response to situations.

  • Emotions that come from deep within, arriving with no apparent stimulation during conversations, activities, or meditations that shift your energy.

  • Gut feelings about people, places, or choices.

  • Feeling a sense of connection, opening, or flow when your actions or thoughts are in sync with your vision, the flow of the universe, and present time information.

  • Visions or images that produce deep feeling and have a profound sense of reality to guide your direction.

  • Pulsations, waves, and flow within the body.


Felt-perceptions confirm the energy interactions you are involved with in the world around you. When someone is making excuses, and you feel an internal resistance, when you walk over a ley-line and feel tingles in your legs, when you step under a tree and feel a warm rush of opening, you are feeling your body responding to flows of energy. Paying attention is an expression of connection.


Knack # 2: Active Meditation:


Active Meditation uses Intentional Attention to consciously receive and/or move energy. In receiving mode, Active Meditation creates a relaxed focus in your mind’s eye that becomes a canvas on which images form. The images can be a communication from your subconscious mind, your higher guidance, or interpretations of energy interactions that compliment your felt-perceptions. This form of imaging is also called Active Imagination and is a powerful tool for self-exploration and receiving inner guidance.


Visualization is a form of Active Meditation that uses imagery consciously created in your mind’s eye to direct and move energy.  Where your attention goes, your energy flows. When you place your attention intentionally, in alignment with your authentic self, the movement of your energy becomes a powerful creative force.  The images direct your energy into specific energy centers and your energy is transmitted through your aura to interact with the universe. Visualization influences the flow of interactive energy; it sends your energy ahead of you to create the pathway for your actions and draws to you what is needed.


The important thing about working with energy is to know that, like water, it can’t be pushed. You can’t “send” energy in the typical way we think of propelling something forward. Your attention goes first and your energy follows. It’s an invitation. You can’t force anything; you can only offer a possibility. Once you understand that you are engaged in an interaction that cannot be forced, it becomes easier to synchronize and invite flow.

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