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Subtle Energy Overview

If you’re looking at this page, you are curious about subtle energy no matter your level of knowledge of what it is, how to interact with it, and how being aware of it can improve your life. This short article will give you some basics, and hopefully inspire more questions than it answers!


Historical Perspective

Although many people speak of subtle energy as a “new age” invention, actually, awareness of life-force energy is part of every historical tradition. There are as many different names as there are different cultures. Called akasha or prana in Hindu tradition, chi or qi in Asian philosophy, Huaka in the Inca writings, Baraka in Sufi teachings, and Orgon, etheric field, Factor-X and Life-force field in western traditions, in fact, every culture in the world has experienced and named subtle energy and developed one or more systems to interact with it.


To simplify, subtle energy is a carrier wave for information in the form of frequency. Subtle energy is the medium through which spirit or consciousness manifests. When the information it carries organizes, animates and motivates the physical world, we call it life-force. In and of itself, subtle energy is not positive or negative. It is a natural force that carries information. While that idea might seem strange, using frequency to code information on energy carrier waves is a foundational concept in the technology revolution. The principle is used every time cell phone signals are transmitted on microwaves, or music and conversation are transmitted on radio waves. Technology mimics nature as science develops through the discovery of natural laws.


The body receives subtle energy information the same way it receives information from light and sound. Just as light frequency is received through the eyes and translated into visible information in the brain and sound frequency is received through the ears and translated into audible signals, the body receives subtle energy information through specific energy structures and translates it into mental, emotional, and physical experiences.


The flow of subtle energy is essential to life. It nourishes and vitalizes the body, promoting health and well-being. It is the foundation of body wisdom and forms our innate intelligence. Learning how to consciously interact with subtle energy connects you to your innate wisdom, transmits your intent into the world, and conducts healing energy.


To Summarize from Path of Emotions, subtle energy:

  • Is an organizational force that forms the energetic matrix for matter.

  • Transmits information in the form of frequency.

  • Is the medium for transmitting consciousness. 

  • Is life force, carrying information that produces health, well-being and vitality.

  • Is both substance and force.

  • Is an energy field.

  • Sends information to the body that is translated into emotions, physical sensations, and direct knowing to form gut reactions, instinctive responses, and intuition.

  • Is used for healing, thought transmission, remote viewing and other so-called paranormal abilities.


Energy Structures in the Human Body

While light, sound, smell, taste, and touch have physical organs associated with them, subtle energy does not. There are, however, energy structures that receive, synthesize, and transmit life-force. They are the aura, chakras and meridians. 


In brief, there is an electromagnetic energy field around you called an aura. It has seven layers corresponding to seven different frequencies. The layers in your aura exchange information with your surroundings. Your presence is transmitted out into the world through your aura at the same time that you receive information into your aura from other people’s transmissions, Nature, Earth, and Spirit. Each layer carries a different frequency which means it receives and transmits different types of information. The seven layers of the aura connect with energy centers that permeate the body called chakras.


There are seven chakras that are located between the base of the spine to the crown of the head. Information from each layer of the aura is synthesized by a specific chakra and stepped down in vibration until it is a biological frequency. The information is then sent through the nervous and endocrine systems to create emotions, body sensations, instincts and inner knowing, as well as the meridian system to inform and nourish every cell. At the same time, the chakras transfer information processed in your heart and mind into your aura to be broadcast to the external world.


As humans evolve, energy structures that support and serve our development evolve as well. Rudolf Steiner, the founder of Anthroposophy, stated that human energy systems today are very different from what they were thousands of years ago and very different from what they will be years from now.  Many believe we are in a transitional time in history and rapid evolution is taking place precipitating unprecedented changes in our energy structures. Therefore, systems and models are changing as well.


Benefits of Energy Awareness (excerpt From The Path of Emotions)


Paying attention to subtle energy brings unconscious awareness into the realm of conscious choice. Information you receive can indicate:

  • When you are in danger.

  • What the best decision may be in a given situation.

  • Whether you can trust someone.

  • Whether a person has ulterior motives or hidden agendas.

  • How to be more intimate with people you love.

  • What your limitations are and what fears you hide.

  • What you value, what has meaning, what carries truth for you.

  • What career path to take.

  • The presence and meaning of underlying connections between people and events.

  • The importance of synchronicity.

 Energy awareness also promotes a deeper spirituality in which you can access:

  • Heightened states of being and altered states of awareness.

  • Your innate connection to Nature.

  • Connection to Universal Consciousness, Divine Love and/or God.

  • Frequency shifts associated with change.

  • Healing energy.

  • Paranormal abilities such as communication with deceased individuals, precognition, and telepathy.

  • The ability to manifest the life you want.

  • Your spiritual essence.

Most importantly, energy awareness increases your Presence and ability to participate in positive change in the world.


For more information on chakras and soul development, energy awareness, and healing, sign up for the online Energy Basics 101 course. Also see the Opening to Spirit Section of this site.