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Adventures In Energy

Easy Energy Recipes

Clear Your Energy Field

Clearing your energy field is a daily practice that helps you see situations and people as they are, uncluttered with expectations, past disappointments, or overwhelming emotions. It helps keep you free from self judgment, criticism, and blame. A clear energy field allows you to be in the present moment, responding to what is, rather than to what your thoughts and emotions are projecting.

The Path of Energy has several meditation exercises that clear your energy field, such as Earth and Sky, The Circle of Life, and Queen Nefertiti’s Headdress. Doing these exercises daily keeps you clear and free of projection. However, there are times when you feel confused, overwhelmed, or can’t connect with the people around you and a simple, fast way to discharge and clear your energy field is needed. That’s where this exercise comes in.

This exercise works quickly, although it requires movement. You may want to find a private place to do it.

  1. Inhale deeply and raise your arms overhead while visualizing your body filling with light.

  2. Exhale while lowering straight arms and wiggling your fingers. Imagine you are exhaling through your fingers and untangling knots in your energy field.

  3. Do this multiple times while moving your arms as far out to the side as you can to address different sections of your energy field.

  4. Finish by keeping your feet in place and rotating your trunk while swinging vigorously from side to side. Let your arms swing through your energy field and imagine they are sweeping away debris. The more relaxed you are when doing this, the better.

Why This Exercise Works:

Thought projections and emotional-energy complexes (see Body Sounding) in your energy field can influence your ability to see and feel clearly. The act of using physical motion with energetic intent disrupts these patterns and disperses the bound energy. You may literally feel knots untangling when doing this exercise. The result is less constriction in the field, greater clarity, and more flexibility of thought.

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