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Conflicting Intuitions

“Psychic ability and intuition are natural extensions of energy awareness. Right now, people are experiencing a heightening of their innate abilities.” Subtle Energy Work

Every person has the capacity for intuition. We’re designed to receive subtle energy information and distill it into intuitive insight. Sometimes, we feel connected and use intuition to guide life-decisions. Other times, we’re not as connected and might call on an Intuitive Reader for validation or to provide perceptions we might be missing. It‘s great when an Intuitive Reader validates our own insights, or when two Intuitive Readers independently validate each other. But what happens when the Intuitive Readers we trust have different perceptions than our own or each other?

This question has been asked by several readers since the advent of Covid and the division over what to believe and how to respond. When two intuitive people are absolutely convinced of entirely different perspectives, it often feels as though people are hard-wired into two groups, each connecting the same set of dots into different pictures of reality. While each group is utterly convinced that what they see is the truth, in actuality, the dots can be connected in hundreds of different ways.

The underlying question is whether there is an ultimate truth. The answer may be that of the elephant and the ant. In other words, the truth is so big that each ant’s point-of-view describes a small piece of the whole. This can be one reason intuitive people differ, yet when two people see different parts of the same whole, there is usually a feeling of flow between them, a sense of a connection we are unaware of.

A more immediate question is whether intuition can provide a level of truth we can rely on in our decision-making. The provisional answer is yes, provided we acknowledge that what a person sees is part of larger whole and, often more importantly, that our intuition is impacted by bias.

Energy information is interpreted through the lens of our personal bias. The magnetism of subtle energy works in a similar way as social media. On social media platforms, every click reveals a bias that attracts similar information. In very short order we are surrounded by our own opinions reflected back in prismatic attractiveness. In the process, our original belief is solidified. Beliefs, of course, are another name for bias. Consequently, two highly intuitive people can have completely different outlooks because their bias is attracting energy information that supports their belief. Differences in perspective due to bias, as opposed to two different pieces of a bigger whole, don’t usually have a sense of flow between them or underlying connection.

In general, the clearer a person is and the less invested in being right, the less their inherent bias influences the information they receive. Getting clear requires processing and integrating trauma we have expereinced in our life. Each trauma scribes into our body, mind, and emotions a false belief. This inscription becomes a nodal point in our energy body that influences our mind, controls our emotions, and distances us from our essential self. At one time or another, in big and little ways, all of us have experienced trauma. Recognizing and integrating the unhealed wounds we carry is essential to being a clear energy intuitive.

Next week’s post will discuss how to recognize hidden trauma and provide a four-step energy-based method to process and integrate the event. In the meantime, here is a simple meditation for clearing your energy of bias, judgment, self-criticism and more.

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