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Subtle Energy Work with Naturopathic Doctor Synthia Andrews- Awakenings Podcast with Michele Meiche-

Subtle energy is more than life force; it is the substance of reality and the vehicle of


Your body is wired to navigate this domain and you are equipped with everything needed to engage the world of energy and creatively change your life. You simply need to remember how. Learning to consciously interact with subtle energy is the next step in personal and planetary transformation.

You can listen to the interview I did with Michele Meiche in her Awakenings Podcast below:

Synthia Andrews is a licensed naturopathic doctor and energy intuitive. She is a writer and teacher, authoring and co-authoring eight books on energy, healing, and consciousness. She taught for fifteen years at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy and taught in the Bodywork school at the Kripalu Yoga Institute. Currently, she has a private practice in Guilford, Ct, and continues to teach through on-line courses and mentoring.

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