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Adventures In Energy

Healing Seeds

Morning Energy Healing Practice

Your mind, heart and body are in continual communication to promote your whole body health. Healing occurs in a neutral space where flow and alignment produce balance. This simple Morning Healing Practice creates the ideal conditions for healing to occur. It is so simple you may decide not to try it. It requires so little, you may think nothing is happening. But if you feel through your heart, you cannot fail to notice the benefits. In Taoist practice, it is called the Inner Smile. My grandmother, who knew nothing about Taoism, just called it Smile a While.

Here is the Taoist version: every morning on waking, join the attention of your mind with the intention of your heart. Spend five minutes smiling at each of your internal organs and then your body parts. Make an image in your mind’s eye, perhaps imagine your mind’s eye is a light house, and beam a heart-opening smile to each organ and then to each body part. Spend extra time on any area that needs balancing. When you are finished, sit quietly. You may notice a gently vibration, almost like a hum, as you receive the benefits of your smile.  

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