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Adventures In Energy

Healing Seeds

What is Energy Healing?

Energy healing is an interaction between our intention and the body’s energy structures in an attempt to balance our energy flow and restore health. The process can be self-administered or facilitated by an energy worker who focuses the session. No matter the type of healing practice, the ultimate intent it to restore the proper flow and balance of vital energy and support the body’s natural healing mechanisms.

The body is an amazing ecosystem of coordinated activities that govern its functioning.  Physically, chemically, magnetically, electrically, and subtly the flow of energy is the basis of life. Illness results from isolation. Cells isolated from nutrients, chemical stimulation, electrical signaling, and vital life-force  result in pain, disease, and emotional disorders. The focus of healing is to eliminate isolation by restoring connection through flow and alignment.

Whenever we are unable to process, clear, and repair disruptive emotional or physical events they remain in our neuro-circuitry creating internal and external challenges. Disruptive events can include injury, physical and/or emotional trauma, poor nutrition, toxic overload, energetic implants, negative thought projections, and mores. When flow is obstructed, some areas become deficient in energy and others excessive causing emotional swings and physical symptoms. Energy is used up maintaining defenses and leaks can occur that further deplete vitality (see Energy Injury Physiology).

Energy ‘healing’ uses awareness to rebalance the body ecosystem. Awareness of the energetic discrepancies provides medicine. When awareness is focused on the issue, the energetic ecosystem automatically finds homeostasis. As balance is regained, the body-mind-spirit is restored to its original template of health.


Here are some of the avenues through which awareness restores energetic health:

  • Resonance: the body’s healing mechanisms are stimulated through resonance with healing frequencies. Frequency can be supplied through devices such as a rife machine, sound, color, or simply the transmission through the practitioner’s intentional attention.

  • Extraction: External insults such as attachments, implants, and thought projections can be discharged so that flow is restored.

  • Integration: the injured part of self is felt, embraced, and restored to the whole.

  • Balancing: patterns of uneven energy flow are invited into equilibrium.

  • Alignment: flow is restored through aligning spirit with matter. This may mean bringing internal vision into line with external actions, the body’s template into line with physical expression, and/or spiritual connection into all relationships.

  • Stimulation: energy centers that have closed down are inspired back to optimal function, blocked energy channels are encouraged to proper flow, and awareness is opened to change limiting patterns.

  • Transmission: higher energies that promote healing are channeled from a higher source.

There are a variety of modalities that include energy work. What they all have in common is the goal of stimulating the body’s healing mechanisms. To determine what approach best suits your needs, talk to practitioners. Your relationship with the practitioner is the most important factor in which approach will work for you.  In truth, ‘Know Thyself’ is the path to healing.

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