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Download Experience Example

Here is an example of a download that happened to my husband and me, written about in his book, On the Edge of Reality (2014, New Page Books). This event occurred in the early 1990s. We were sound asleep when we were both awakened at 3:05 am as though a switch had been thrown and the following, quoted from the book, occurred.


“I was awakened out of a deep sleep and was aware that Colin was also awake. Suddenly, he sat bolt upright as a beam of blue light entered the room. I did not see the light with my physical eyes, rather I saw it my mind’s eye and felt its effect. The light was living and the room was vitalized in a manner I had only experienced twice before. The beam hit Colin and he seemed to expand and fill with energy. I felt unable to move as I witnessed this light interacting with him, although to be honest, I think if I could have formed the intention to move, I would have been able to; I simply couldn’t form the intention. Suddenly, the beam moved off Colin and he deflated in much the same was as an old balloon, slumping beside me in the bed.

“I was now able to move and started to reach toward him, but things weren’t over. The beam swept across the bed and the light now entered me. I felt myself physically expand and immediately began receiving information about triangles within the human body. I saw a human figure with their hands slightly extended away from their side with their palms facing outward. A triangle of energy existed between the Third Eye in the forehead and the palms of the hand. The degree that the hands were raised was essential as it opened a portal that brought energy into the base and/or second chakra and increased healing energy within the body. At the same time, it activated the Third Eye. In this position, with the Third Eye as the apex, the central line of the body which contained the chakras bisected the base of the triangle. The second chakra was one third of the distance upward toward the Third Eye. I did not understand the significance of all this, but knew it was important. Immediately the light just turned off and, like Colin, I deflated. The room felt very empty and dead without the living quality of the light.”

When Colin and I shared our experiences, we realized we had received essentially the same information; his related the landscape of Earth and his research into Earth energy and crop circles, mine related to the landscape of the human body, healing, and spiritual awakening.  In Colin’s download, he saw a triangle in the landscape of England, his home. The triangle was made between the towns of Wantage, Winchester and Warminster, with Stonehenge lying a third of the distance up the bisecting line, where the second chakra was positioned in my vision.  The similarities were eerie and significant.

For many years we did not know what to do with the information we received or what it actually meant. As time went on, we encountered situations where using the information saved us. My understandings became the basis of The Mystic Triangle Meditation in my book, The Path of Energy.

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