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Inside On The Edge of Reality
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I believe that we are engaged in a process of integration with a higher mind. What this higher intelligence is and where it originates are unknown. The process of integration is especially evident over the past fifty years with the exponential increase in high strangeness events. The ultimate purpose is discerned through the interactions we are having as orchestrated events lead us toward a paradigm shift and a new view of reality.

This book is not written with irrefutable proof to convince the reader of the events described. It moves beyond the question of whether the events are real and asks instead: what does it mean to us that they are? When we talk about paradigm shifts, we tend to look at social, scientific and technological trends that usher in new thinking. However, trends ultimately reflect changes in people who are altered through events. While new information engages our mind, events engage our emotions and emotional shifts push us to expand.

The integration of higher mind is occurring through individual encounters with non-ordinary reality. These encounters are called high strangeness events. While they boggle the mind, they also engage our emotions and stimulate our creative capacity. Our mind races to catch up with what our body and emotions already know. Some say the frequency of the planet is changing. It is. A new reality is on the horizon; a new time being born.

The majority of my life has been spent investigating high strangeness events. I am best known for helping bring crop circles into worldwide awareness. My belief is that the intelligence driving events has been influencing individuals for some time. We are at a turning point and now people’s personal stories must come forward. Each of us holds a small piece of a larger picture and it is time to put the pieces together to see the entirety. It’s not about what we can theorize or prove, it is what we experience and how we feel about it. It’s about the changes our experiences create within us and how that alters the way we see the world.

What are high strangeness events? They are events that defy the laws that govern our physics and the expectation of our experience. They include UFO, orbs of light, strange sounds and altered states of awareness and perception. The events represent an interface with the unknown, an interaction with parts of reality we do not yet understand. They are not paranormal or supernatural, although both words are used to describe them. Rather, they are normal and natural to a worldview that we are presently being introduced to and will one day inhabit.

The hallmark of high strangeness events is that the encounters leave us permanently altered. For some, being altered means turning off and disappearing into a fog of denial. For most, being altered means being enlivened as inner parts that were asleep, wake up. In some cases, such as mine, an initial encounter early in our lives plants a seed in our subconscious for the awakening that is underway.

This book details what I see as the major factors in the shift. I view us as at a crossroads; we can awaken and move forward into a new paradigm or collapse back to the mistakes of our past. I believe an interface with a higher intelligence is driving us toward the shift in paradigm. This might be for our own sake or this might be because we are part of a larger reality and what we do on this planet effects more than we can understand at this time. The subjects and experiences covered in this book reflect this belief.

Most of the topics discussed within have existed for millennia, yet they are emerging today in new and unimagined ways. Some of what is coming forth relates to advances in science and technology that extend our senses further into the world. New technology allows us to record events and transmit them worldwide, helping us see the extent of the evolving phenomena.  A great deal of what we are discovering, however, represents a change in humans.

Mental-conditioning affects what we are able to see; our inability to perceive outside of our beliefs is called inattentional blindness. Rather than believing what we see, we see what we believe. Right now, what we believe is changing. We are opening to new vistas and challenging the boundaries of what is real. This represents a breakthrough in conditioning.

When I glanced left into a wheat field in 1983, I saw five unusual circles that changed my life. Hundreds of other drivers glanced left and saw only a wheat field. Thirty years later, the term crop circle is a worldwide household term and the average person in England, both resident and tourist, now looks to the fields anticipating a design. The emergence of crop circles, wherever you believe they come from, encourages people to look for patterns in nature and consequently see the world in new ways. Was the crop circle phenomenon a hoax, a government conspiracy to condition society, or an interaction with an unknown reality that expanded expectations? What we know for sure is that people now look and see differently than they did before crop circles were commonly seen.

Synthia and I chose to write this book from the perspective of my research and my personal experience, however Synthia is part of every piece. Ideas, observations, concepts and conclusions represent the unique synthesis of our experience. Our coming together is itself an orchestrated event that broadened our combined perspective. Many of the conclusions that I slowly came to realize are the basis of the work Synthia has been immersed in for the past 30 years. She is an integral part of all aspects of this book.

Isolation is the greatest impediment to reaching a better state. People who have been separated from making bonds with family, friends, animals, nature, and their own spirit suffer from isolation. They are not recognized for who they are and this is not only a loss to them; it is a loss to us all. The flow of energy that creates the matrix of life requires all of us to be engaged. In holographic reality, either all of us make or none of us do. As we reach out with our minds and hearts to find new realities, we need to reach out to each other to forge bonds based on respect, trust and a shared future. If we don’t like what we see in another, we must change the reflection within ourselves. Make peace. In the shift underway, no one will be left behind.

Table Of Contents



Part One: The Cross Roads


Chapter One: The Nature of a Shifting Paradigm

            Native Consciousness

                        Hopi Prophecy

                        Calendar of the Maya

            Hawkins Mindstep Prediction

            Astrological Indicators

            The Precipice of the Paradigm


Chapter Two: At the Point of the Arrow

            Solar Activity

            Ecological Stress: Global Warming/Climate Change

            Geological Forces/ Earth Changes

                        Volcanic Activity



            New Patterns of Disease

            Population and Food Supply


            Nuclear Technology

            Global Economic Collapse

            Religious Unrest

            Social and Civil Unrest

            Government Corruption

            Stepping Up


Chapter Three: Frontiers of Consciousness

            High Strangeness on the Rise

            Inattentional Blindness

            Physical and Emotional Perception

            Creating Context

            Science of the Future


Chapter Four: Changing of a Personal Paradigm


Part Two: Conscious Circles


Chapter Five: The Presence within the Mystery

            A Sense of Presence

            An Alarming Response

            The Dialogue Continues

            Mental Interface

            The Growing Phenomenon

                        Receiving the CSETI Logo

                        Reverse Blind Test

                        The Flower of Life, July 27, 2003

                        Interactions Continue

            Direction Received

            Shifting Reality


Chapter Six: The Hoaxing Paradox

            Blinded by the Light

            Hoaxing Front and Center

            Breaking Free

                        Dialog with Circle-Makers

                        A Strange Compulsion

                        Encountering the Presence

            Welcoming Expansion


Chapter Seven: Fields and Forces

            Interactions with Consciousness: Mind and Emotions

                        Electromagnetic Possibilities

                        Sound Vibration

            Time Anomalies

            Moving Forward into Greater Reality


Part Three:  Non-Ordinary Reality in Ordinary Life


Chapter Eight: Interactive UFO’s

            Interesting Sightings


                        Japanese Film Crew

                        Phoenix Lights 1997

                        Clues to New Reality

            Concluding Thoughts


Chapter Nine: Luminous Orbs

            The New Phenomena of Photographic Orbs

            Orbs in Real Time

                        Phoenix, Arizona 1995

                        Stratford, England, July 14, 2007

                        Castle Rock Washington, November 10, 2012

                        Orbs in Crop Circles

                        British Military Film Orbs

            Concluding Thoughts


Chapter Ten: Phenomena on the Edge

            The Black Bag Entity: Object or Creature?

            Bent Beams of Light

            The Norway Spiral and other Sky Spirals

            Concluding Thoughts


Chapter Eleven: The Sounds of Change

            The Hum

                        Research and Studies

                        Hum Vibes

            Trumpets from the Sky

            Booms Out of Nowhere

            Concluding Thoughts


Chapter Twelve: Conversations with the Other Side

            New Thoughts on Death

            Instrumental Trans Communication

            The Scole Experiment

            Concluding Thoughts 


Part IV: Hidden Technologies


Chapter Thirteen: Chemtrails

            Differences between Chemtrails and Contrails

            Chemtrail Analysis

            Suspicions: Theories to Conspiracies

            Answers from the Inside

            The American Association for the Advancement of Science Symposium

            Concluding Thoughts

            Chapter notes

            <<Images: 13.1 >>


Chapter Fourteen: The Ionosphere: The New Frontier of Hidden Technology

            The Russian Woodpecker

            The Untuned H.A.A.R.P.

            Concluding Thoughts

            Chapter Notes


Chapter Fifteen: Australian Radar Anomalies

            Radar Images

                        The Expanding Picture

                                    Weather Connections

                                    Unusual Flying Objects

                        Links to Chemtrails?

                        HAARP Connections

                        Experts Explain

            Weather Modification Projects

            Concluding Thoughts

            Chapter Notes


Chapter Sixteen: War Games

            Neuroscience and War

            Mind Games out of Control

            Curious and Curioser

            Concluding Thoughts

            Chapter Notes



Chapter Seventeen: Frequency” The Medicine of the Future

            Shifting Paradigms in Medicine

            Frequency Healing: What it is and how it works

                        Founders of the Field

                        Medical Suppression

                        Theories and Mechanisms

            Frequency Healing Methods of Today

            Concluding Thoughts

            Chapter Notes


Part V


Part V Bridging the Edge


Chapter Eighteen: Other minds, Other Intelligences


            Our Field

            Radio Introductions

            Edward Belbruno’s Route to the Moon

            Concluding Thoughts


Chapter Nineteen: Homo Noeticus: The Conscious Human

            Developing Perception

            Is the Body Changing?

                        DNA Transformation

                        Pineal Gland

            Remote Viewing: Part of the New Frontier

            Concluding Thoughts


Chapter Twenty: Conclusion: The New Frontier

            Taking Action

            The Power Intention

                        The Intention Experiment

                        The Global Coherence Initiative

                        The World Peace Project

                        Healing Intention

            Final Words

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