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Adventures In Energy

Easy Energy Recipes

Decision Making

You already have everything you need to make the best decisions possible. All you have to do is listen to your body. To start, ground, center and establish your boundaries (see The Rescue Triage). When you feel clear, name the options you are considering and try the following:


  1. Fully immerse yourself in your first option. Imagine making this decision and carrying out each of the steps involved to create this choice. Consider what is required for success. Does imagining it give you energy or take it away? Notice your emotions. Do you feel excited, overwhelmed, or something else? See yourself progressed five years down this path.  Does your future give you energy when you see it or take it away? Are you happy?

  2. Do the same with your other options.

  3. Which scenario provides the most energy? It may not be the easier choice, it may initially require more effort, but it mobilizes more of your internal energy. Remember, the best choice gives back more than it takes. 


If none of the options gives you a clear energy boost, what is getting in the way? Fear of loss? Fear of success? Fear of failure? Make the decision to decide, then act. You will soon see if you need to adjust your direction or modify your plan. Sometimes, any action is better than none. However, take action with a flexible mind and a willingness to change direction as needed.


Why This Exercise Works:

Your body is constantly sensing the energy coming in and out of your field. Scientific studies conducted by consciousness researcher Dean Radin, reveal that the body knows of an upcoming event six seconds before the event occurs. It appears.this information is transmitted first to the emotional part of the brain. Connecting with the energy information around you means paying attention to your emotions and shifts in energy flow. This exercise focuses attention on your body where energy information is received, and your feelings, where energy information is translated.

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