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Hold your Space

When challenged, most people resort to patterns of defensiveness, fear, manipulation and drama. When defensive, we become argumentative and righteous. When fearful, we collapse and give up. When manipulative, we push other people’s emotional buttons. When dramatic, we create chaos. Often the last thing on the agenda is an actual solution. However, you can hold your space without any of the above patterns.

You can find a solution to dilemmas and conflict without giving up your ground.


  1. Ground, center, and create boundaries (see The Rescue Triage).

  2. The space of an arm’s width around you, approximately three feet, is your space. Nobody controls the energetic quality of this space except you. If other people disturb this space, it is because you let them.

  3. Create a garden in this space, or a meadow, or a calm room, or use any image that reflects your center.

  4. Commit to the conviction that nothing outside of you can disturb this space. Nothing can manipulate this space or diminish you.

  5. Invite a solution that serves the highest good of all.

Why this exercise works:

When in a challenging situation, you are connected to those you are in conflict with. The conflict itself connects you. The space around you takes on the vibration of the conflict, doing the same for the other person, so that your boundaries become ineffective. You resonate with the issue, not with a solution. Grounding, centering, and taking back your personal space allows the vibration of a solution to emerge. Claiming your space keeps your energy contained so that you can gather your power rather than dissipate it. You no longer give your energy to the other person, or allow your space to be controlled by the issue.

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