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New Book on Subtle Energy and Upcoming Interviews

I’m excited to announce the release of my new book, Subtle Energy Work: Meditative Exercises for Healing, Self-care, and Inner Balance published by Red Wheel Weiser. The book is the second edition of my top selling, The Path of Energy published in support of the intuitive process necessary to understand the times we are in. This new edition features material to clear intuitive bias, assist Empaths in negotiating tricky terrains, and a forward by Dannion Brinkley, bestselling author of Saved by The Light. Subtle Energy Work is for everyone who wants inner balance and deeper connect while increasing the ability to discern the energy dynamics at work in today’s world.

Here’s what people are saying about Subtle Energy Work

“If you’ve always known that there’s more to you than you learned in Biology 101 but find yourself intimidated by the technical language of science, this is the beautiful book you’ve been waiting for!”

—Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author of The Divine Matrix

“In this book, Synthia has written a masterpiece. If you have ever wanted to empower yourself and be able to uplift others, this book is for you.”

—Dannion Brinkley, bestselling author of Secrets of the Light

“Of all the energy healers, practitioners, teachers, and speakers I’ve met, read, and interviewed over the years, there is one name that consistently stands at the top of my list—Dr. Synthia Andrews. Her books, work, and courses are veritable goldmines of practical information, principles, tools, and exercises to help us cultivate our energy awareness and live a more empowered and connected life . . . which is more critical than ever in this most challenging of times. To say that I am an unabashed fan of Subtle Energy Work is an understatement; I’ve recommended it more times than I can count. Indeed, the only thing that could top it, in my opinion, is this new expanded and updated version that you’re holding in your hands.”

—Sandie Sedgbeer, host of What Is Going Om radio show and podcast, and founder of the No BS Spiritual Book Club

Upcoming interviews:

Here are my upcoming interviews for the month of November. You may listen or watch live through the given links on the day of the interviews.

  • Sandie Sedgebeer November 17th 7am-PT/10am-ET/ 3pm-UK watch live at the following links:

  • The Miracle of Healing Radio with Lisa Champion, Tuesday Nov 29th 12 pm Eastern

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