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Adventures In Energy

Intuition: Gateway To  Your Inner Wisdom

Synchronicity, Omens, and Discernment

Synchronicity and omens are often considered signals from the universe to guide our direction and decisions. Synchronicity validates intuition and, those whose intuitive type is a Sensor, such physical interactions have great significance. However, interpreting signs and omens requires discernment. We must factor out our own projections and tendency toward magical thinking that make interpretations unreliable.

Synchronicity is the apparent coincidence of unconnected events occurring in a meaningful relationship. Finding a white feather on the ground when you’re thinking of a dead relative, for example, is often considered a message, or omen, from the departed. Agonizing on a decision and having an unexpected opportunity open a door to one of the choices is another. But what happens when the synchronistic event takes us in a direction that works out poorly? Was it synchronicity, or magical thinking and how can we tell the difference?

Here are some examples:

  • A woman needs money for a school fee for one of her kids. An unexpected opportunity arrives with the exact amount of money she needs and she naturally thinks it’s synchronistic, which it is. When the time comes to fulfill the requirements to receive the money, however, she finds she must compromise herself with a misrepresentation to an insurance company.  She has already made the commitment to the school. Seeped in magical thinking, and driven by her fear of not being a good parent, she does as she is asked, to rather poor consequences.

  • A man is looking for another office for his business and is presented with several offices that are rather small and one that is large and fits his goals, but is expensive. The number of the expensive office is the same as his father’s old and very successful business address. Believing this is an omen, from his father, he takes the large office. The overhead is high and within three months he has to abandon the lease as his business goes under.

  • A woman has not been feeling well for a while. She knows she should go to the doctor, but she found a white feather when she was trying to decide whether or not to make an appointment. She believes it was a sign from her guides that she is taken care of and doesn’t need to go. Later, a serious disease that could have been easily treated is uncovered.

Each case displays an understandable but serious lack of discernment.


Synchronicity signals that we are in the flow, that a strong current of opportunity is carrying us through open doors. However, synchronicity does not tell us what the flow is. Is it the flow the universe, our highest and best good, our unbalanced ego striving for self-importance, someone else’s influence in our energy, or an unhealed part of self? There are many possibilities for the source of the current we’re flowing in.

One way to know the difference is through alignment. How aligned is your intention with your soul?  In each of the cases above, from the outside it is easy to see where the person lost their inner compass. From the inside, however, the brain is very good at making patterns that fit our desires.


Going back to basics, energy flows where attention goes. If our attention is focused on creating a certain path through life, there will be a flow to create it. Our energy interacts with other energies to attract experiences. When we are not in alignment with our inner truth, the experiences we create carry a different lesson than the success we we’re looking for.

The key to discerning synchronicity is understanding our motivations and alignments. Every time synchronicity leads to a bad choice, we were seduced from our inner truth by unmet and unrecognized needs, unhealed wounds, fear, self-doubt, or self-importance. The good news is that the difficult choice always leads to growth.

To attract the flow of your highest good, wake up each morning in gratitude, ground, and center.  Align your intentions for the day with your heart. When synchronicity occurs, notice your felt-perceptions and intuitive sense. What do they tell you?  In most cases, decisions that don’t serve your heart are accompanied by inner resistance that is ignored. Trust your inner voice, especially if it’s uncomfortable. If you’re not sure what a synchronicity is indicating, stop and pay attention. Observe your level of resistance, paying attention to your felt –senses and perceptions. Ask your body to indicate your highest and best good. In truth, the bottom line is that whatever happens, you will grow and that, after all, is the goal.

“The gift of alignment is synchronicity.” The Path of Presence

For more information, read The Path of Presence or join our Honing Your Intuition Course

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