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The Path of Energy is a unique handbook of principles and practices for developing subtle energy awareness. Opening the heart to the power of love, and learning to consciously interact in the domain of subtle energy is the next step in personal and planetary transformation. Your physical body is energetically wired to perceive in this realm; this book is a resource to help you remember how.

The key to The Path of Energy is thirteen meditations, each activating a distinct pattern within the energy body and inner light body that initiate different levels of awareness. The meditations support the expansion of consciousness while awakening inner potentials. The book also provides tools to help navigate the subtle energy terrain, live more consciously, empower your choices, and find new solutions to the global problems we face.

You will find methods for exploring the use of energy skills to:

  • develop personal power
  • enhance intuitive and psychic abilities
  • manifest new opportunities and world-wide conditions
  • increase intimacy in relationships
  • promote peace and cooperation
  • clear space, engage energy protection, work with Earth energy, heal, and more

The book features a foreword by pioneer Barbara Marciniak and endorsements by prominent people in the field of consciousness research such as astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell. is an interactive website featuring:

  • audio guided meditations with computer animated visual instruction
  • on-line courses using The Path of Energy book as a manual for developing energy skills. Classes include:
    • Human energy anatomy
    • Energy awareness: how to see, feel, and interpret energy information
    • Earth energy practices: Earth energy anatomy, using scared geometry, the art of geomancy, connecting with nature spirits, creating sacred space, and power spots
    • Energy Medicine
    • Developing dynamic relationships: balancing energy flow between people, increasing psychic connection, building intimacy, exploring love
    • Clearing limitations and manifesting your goals
    • Developing personal power: grounding, centering and developing boundaries, enhancing intuition, creating psychic protection, and opening the heart
  • original artwork
  • online mentor program with individual support
  • participation in intentional manifestation to promote positive change in the world

The Path of Energy, 1st Edition

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$15.00Sale Price
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