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    You create your reality. When I first encountered that phrase in the late 1970s in The Seth Material by Jane Roberts, I knew it was true. Some part of me intuitively recognized the power, freedom, and responsibility the statement conveyed as an essential key to experiencing life in a higher state of consciousness. To test the depths of my own power to create my reality, I have spent more than three decades enthusiastically exploring the many fascinating avenues and intriguing paths to higher consciousness. Essentially, every path appears to lead to a vista common to us all: the recognition of our inner power and how we use it to create our experience of life.

    A crisis in consciousness appears to be fully underway on Earth. As formerly reliable systems fall away and uncertainty grows, the vast complexities of navigating modern society are challenging us to awaken to our inner power and use it to be more responsible for ourselves and our own well-being. A paradigm shift, a momentous transformation of consciousness, is upon us. Even though the growing prevalence of chaos and confusion is scrambling our senses and desensitizing us to the speed at which things are changing, the global turmoil is actually compelling us to enter into a new territory of perceptual experience where new ideas stretch our minds into new panoramas of awareness.

    Expanding our consciousness involves becoming much more aware of how our thoughts, feelings, and words create frequencies of energy that we broadcast into existence. Our personal inner songs are telepathic expressions of energy that send out signals about our beliefs and expectations of reality. Accepting responsibility for all we create is not always easy; yet as we expand our consciousness to look for the larger purpose and significance of our encounters, a grander multidimensional vista inevitably unfolds.

    Multidimensional experiences definitely change the way we see reality; yet having such experiences is one thing, and really understanding them is quite another. Multidimensional ventures move our focus beyond the boundaries of linear time to a place where we experience the interconnectedness of existence. We become much more aware of our own telepathic abilities as we begin to detect the great commerce of energies and ideas that are exchanged between various eras of time and other dimensional realities. When time slips away to reveal the rich facets of existence, the conscious mind is sometimes left scrambling to understand what is occurring. When we are grounded and secure in this reality, our nervous system eventually adapts to the explorations into other realms of consciousness. Exercising the mind takes practice, playful determination, and very clear intentions for a safe and meaningful expansion of consciousness.

    Love, trust, and respect for the body are important keys to higher consciousness. I have learned to trust that my body will reliably respond to what I am energizing. Our bodies are brilliant biological computers, and we must value and feel more at home in them in order to access the vast treasure of inner knowledge that waits our attention. A belief that the body can function in a healthier and more life-fulfilling capacity is a very noble and generous thought. We must personally examine the relationship we have with our physical form. Do our beliefs and actions really promote our well-being? The higher mind and physical body are always seeking balance, and when inner balance is maintained, the outer world manifests in balance as well.

Our beliefs and perceptions about the nature of reality are quickly expanding. We are experiencing a most profound process of awakening to new realizations about the nature of existence. We are fully aware that all of existence is imbued in some manner with subtle vibrating frequencies of energy; from ancient to modern times we called this energy chi, qi, prana, ether, life force, electrons, protons, particles, and waves. Frequencies of energy are instilled with forms of consciousness that interact with and respond to our growing awareness. Our cells read and vibrate with the energy of our thoughts and everything around us. As we become more aware of how we use our energy and what we project into the outside world, our nervous system becomes more finely attuned. We naturally become more psychic, telepathic, and sensitive to our surroundings as we realize that all of existence is filled with energy that is responsive, alive, and intelligent. Everything is alive with energy!

Awareness is a subtle partner of expanding consciousness. Our awareness expands when we take time to reflect on things, see each day as an extension of our energy in the physical world, and take responsibility for all our creations. Learning to manage energy leads to the creation of health and inner peace, a stronger energy field, a more productive, happy, and creative life, protection from unseen forces, greater psychic awareness, enhanced intuition and insight, and healing the body, mind, and soul/spirit. When we raise our awareness of how we use energy, we can move blocked energy in the body by looking for and recognizing the reasons for and significance of the imbalance. We change our ideas and beliefs when we see things from other perspectives. Exploring the body’s myriad avenues of energy offers us the opportunity to venture into exciting new frontiers. Our bodies are filled with wisdom and great intelligence, and our creativity and vitality soar when we learn how to manage our energy to create inner balance.

    With the speed of life accelerating, we must discipline ourselves to slow down and become more aware of the energies we are broadcasting. Expanding our perceptions includes being aware of energy and learning how to direct and focus our most valuable attention into these subtle realms. This takes time, discipline, and practice. The power of the imagination activates the inner subtle energy patterns, and being in Nature extends our senses into the natural environment, where we feel more vital and alive when we entrain with Earth’s energy grid and the cosmic influences of the planets and stars. Deep rhythmic breathing calms the body and opens the mind to the realms of energy. Devoting 10 minutes every day for mind relaxation through energy meditations will reward you with brand-new wonders of the mind.

Consciously interacting with subtle energies is a most powerful and productive use of our minds. In a very grand sense, as we traverse the terrain of new possibilities of the mind, we have a spiritual duty to take charge of our lives, to search for the valuable ancient inner wisdom, and to use it to improve the quality of our lives. When we learn how to create from within, we broadcast frequencies of energy that inspire others to tap into and use their own inherent energy to create new possibilities. We can demonstrate a sacred way of exploring multidimensional realities through subtle energies with reverence for the presence of a grand intelligence of which we are all part.

    Vibrant health, a wealth of happiness, and a safe harmonious experience of reality all display a productive use of creativity that serves as a major contribution to our purpose for being here: to pioneer and make practical use of our inner abilities. My Pleiadian friends have said: “Energy is like money; it doesn’t care who owns it, it never sleeps and it is freely available to be directed by you. Subtle energies can offer you so much when you learn how to communicate with them. There is no shortage of energy, creative and otherwise.”

    Synthia Andrews has created something very special in The Path of Energy, a most generous and thoughtful map for navigating and exploring the wonderful realms of subtle energy. When I first met Synthia almost 20 years ago and she performed her magic on me, I quickly realized that she was a very talented body therapist who understood the realms of subtle energy patterns and their effects on the body. Her longtime work in the arena of energy has imbued her with a deep understanding of how these forces of life and intelligence can indeed alter our perceptions and experiences of physical and nonphysical reality. In The Path of Energy, Synthia provides a most valuable and grounded understanding of the forces at play as she guides the reader into higher states of consciousness through clear and practical applications and explanations of how to move confidently into the exciting new and ancient territory of mind and energy.

During the transformation of consciousness, her book helps us to get in touch with the energies we all use to create our reality. Whatever spiritual path we pursue, the signs of the times are urging us to delve much deeper into the potentials of human energy systems to support, sustain, and enhance our lives. By applying what we learn, we contribute to the flowering of consciousness that is expanding our understanding of human affairs and our place in the cosmos.

    Barbara Marciniak

    Author of Path of Empowerment,

    Earth, Family of Light, and

    Bringers of the Dawn



    You already know that behind the circumstances, events, and conditions in your life is energy. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be looking at this book. To change your life, you need to first shift the energy patterns that hold conditions in place. You may have a sense that you know how to do this, yet somehow you just can’t remember. This book is a resource to help you remember.

    The world in which we live contains more than what we see, feel, and hear with our current senses; it contains a sea of energy from which the circumstances and events of life unfold. There is a paradigm shift underway—an awakening to the knowledge that subtle energy is the substance of reality and the vehicle of consciousness. Your body is wired to navigate this sea of life force, and you are equipped with everything needed to engage it and change your life.

    Right now, inner senses are stirring as people awaken to the energy matrix of life.Many are experiencing levels of awareness that were previously available only to the initiate. Perhaps you are having experiences you haven’t had before and don’t completely understand. Do you feel energy moving in your body? Do you know who is on the phone when it rings? Do you think of people only to have them appear around the next corner? Do you see lights in the sky and auras around people?

    The purpose of this book is to support you in understanding, developing, and using your energy awareness to find new solutions to personal and global problems. Ultimately this shift is an awakening to a deeper connection with your spiritual essence. However, there is no attempt to define this; it is for each person to decide his or her spiritual source and connection. This book can be adapted to different belief systems, and every suggestion and practice has been tried firsthand and proven effective. With awareness, you can navigate the world of subtle energy, expand your consciousness, and creatively generate the circumstances of your life.

How This Book Works

Part I (chapters 1–4) consists of 13 meditations to activate and move energy. They are the heart of the book and include instructions with simple descriptions, illustrations, benefits, and uses. Instructions are very basic, are easy to follow and understand, and allow the freedom of individual discovery. Part I also explores principles of subtle energy, explains the resources and tools you will use to activate the energy patterns, provides simple guidelines, and offers a troubleshooting guide to pinpoint difficulty.

Part II (chapters 5–9)of this book is an exploration of consciousness that puts personal experience into a larger context. If you’re having difficulty understanding some of the meditations, reading this section first may be helpful. For many, this will be old hat and skipping it is the right thing to do. This section provides a discussion of what consciousness is, contains a description of energetic anatomy, explores the relationship between energy and emotions, assists in translating energy information, helps develop intuition, and examines the role of attitudes and beliefs in creating our human experience.

Part III (chapters 10–21) provides hands-on exercises for everyday use. The more you experience and practice moving energy, the more useful this section will be. It covers basics such as how to ground and center, create protection, clear space, manifest your dreams, vision your life, and build intimate relationships. It also helps develop higher awareness through expanded perception, remote sensing, channeling your higher self, and more. This section provides a path if the forest of possibility seems overwhelming. The recipes for creating change are suggestions only—examples of what is possible. They can be used as is, be modified, or provide validation for your personal practice.

Appendix A provides a brief description of the inception of the meditations, how they came into being, and how they were originally used. Most of them are original or taught to me by mentors. Some are modifications of traditional patterns, such as the meditations involving the chakras and the Great Central Channel of the Traditional Chinese Medicine meridian system.

Appendix B is a resource guide with a list of books, Websites, and resources for further study into energy reality.

Appendix C contains a comprehensive glossary of the words and terms used throughout the book.

Table Of Contents

Foreword: 11

Introduction 15

Part I: Transformation and the Art of Moving Energy 
Chapter 1: The Terrain 19

Chapter 2: The Tools 24

Chapter 3: Patterns of Light 29

Chapter 4: Troubleshooting 64

Part II: The Sea of Life Force 
Chapter 5: Expanding Consciousness 69

Chapter 6: Understanding Subtle Energy 74

Chapter 7: Human Energy Systems 78

Chapter 8: Earth and Celestial Life Force 96

Chapter 9: Deciphering the Language of Energy 107

Part III: Empowering Your Life 
Chapter 10: Developing Personal Power: Grounding, Centering, Presence, and Creating Boundaries 119

Chapter 11: Sensing Subtle Energy 128

Chapter 12: Using Energy Protection 138

Chapter 13: Clearing Space 153

Chapter 14: In Concert With the Living Planet 160

Chapter 15: Facing Challenge and Clearing Limitation 172

Chapter 16: Dynamic Relationships 185

Chapter 17: Creating and Manifesting Your Vision 201

Chapter 18: Developing Your Intuition and Extrasensory Perception 211

Chapter 19: Healing: Reconnect and Repair 225

Chapter 20: Embodying Changing Consciousness .242

Conclusion: Completing the Circle 257



Appendix A: Origin of the Meditations 263

Appendix B: Resources 273

Notes: 279

Index: 283

About the Author: 287