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Exploring Beyond the Edge


Launching October 15th and airing on Monday Nights at 7pm EST.
Tune in on the Empowerment Channel at
Watch this space for weekly programs.


You have everything you need to engage energy reality. Your body is a fully equipped vehicle to interact in this terrain. This radio program identifies, develops, and uses energy senses to activate awareness, wake up your curiosity, unlock your perceptions, and open your heart. Programs are wide ranging covering topics such as energy healing, animal communication, leadership, near-death-experiences, karmic relationships, Indigenous wisdom, intuition, UFO encounters, New Science, changing consciousness, crop circles, ancient architecture, and personal spirituality.


The goal is to assist us all in consciously participating in the unique challenges of today with awakened energy senses. Reality is unfolding in a manner beyond anything previously conceived. Everyone determines the direction; each person, including you, holds a piece of the picture. Remember your essence and bring all of who you are to the table.

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