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Presence is the spiritual force you emanate that orchestrates and directs your life. It inspires
your creative expression, manifests your dreams, and helps you to meet and overcome
adversity. Your Presence is a reflection of your essential self.

Are you scrambling to achieve the results you want in life, pursuing endless skills yet still
falling short of your goals? Do you want to influence positive action for the Earth, but feel
helpless? Are you facing overwhelming personal challenges; paralyzed with pain, loss or

If so, it’s time to awaken your Presence and leave the wishful state of hoping for the active
state of creating.

The Path of Presence introduces eight, awareness-expanding practices that awaken your
inner power. Activating your Presence will help you:

•        overcome pain, limitation and adversity.
•        increase awareness, clarity and intuitive wisdom.
•        find inner peace and outer peacefulness.
•        express personal power
•        manifest your highest potential.
•        discover fulfillment and meaning.
•        deepen intimate relationships.
•        experience joy and creative expression.

In the Path of Presence, you are invited on a journey into your own heart and into the heart
of the Universe.

The Path of Presence

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