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Journey through the Chakras:

Sunday, October 13th, 2019: 10 am to 4 pm

North Guilford, CT.


The Oct Class is the Second Sunday Inner Senses Workshops Series class with Synthia Andrews, ND & Energy Intuitive


The Chakras translate energy information and guide our soul development. In this workshop:

  • Learn the psychology of energy.
  • Read the messages from your body to discern your learning edge.
  • Converse with your chakra totems and spirit guidesLearn techniques for clearing and balancing your Chakras.
  • Express your deepest joy.


Join our small, personal group at the lovely Rock Rimmon Retreat Center in North Guilford. When you sign up you will receive address, instructions on what to bring, food, and a preparatory meditation.


Class size is limited to ten participants – Sign-up now to reserve your spot!


The Second Sunday Inner Senses Workshops Series - Complete Series information

Your awareness is opening. You can no longer ignore the information of your intuitive mind. Join us on the second Sunday of every month and support the opening of your perceptions to the realm of energy. Train your inner senses and be true to you.


Is your life-force flowing freely, generating life affirming choices and experiences? Or is your energy stuck and out of alignment, generating limiting beliefs and experiences? Are you unknowingly taking on other people’s energy, problems, and limitations? Are you fulfilling the path you set for this life? Do you connect to a greater reality with ease?


Our series of classes will assist your journey to know yourself more deeply, to connect with higher reality more fully, and to uncover your inner power and

In this five part, in person, workshop series you will learn to engage the energy foundations of life through hands-on participation, inner journeying and visualization.


September 8: Freeing Your Intuitive Genius

Discover your Intuitive Index and develop your intuitive skills. Learn basic dowsing skills. Access inner stillness to find intuitive insight. Trust your intuitive voice in meeting life’s challenges.


October 13: Journey through the Chakras

Learn the psychology of energy. Motivate your growth, explore areas of energy blocks, and learn techniques for clearing and balancing. Embrace your hurt, heal your inner child, express your deepest joy.


November 10: The Dynamics of Crystals Healing

Why are crystals so alluring? Learn the basics of crystal work: how to choose a crystal, feel frequency, clear them, and charge them. Meet two of the Master Healers, Danburite and Pyramidines, and learn how to use them personally, professionally, and in crystal grids.


December 8: Boundaries, Boundaries, and more Boundaries!

Just in time for the holidays. No matter how well you think you maintain your boundaries, they are the central issue in every life circumstance. Do strong boundaries separate you or connect you to those you love? Can you have strong boundaries and be compassionate and generous at the same time? Come and test your boundaries, discover how well they really function, and what you need to do to improve. Learn techniques for opening, closing, balancing, and connecting. Foundational work you will return to again and again.


January 12, 2020: Inspired Intention

Go into the stillness, reach deep, and create your intentions for 2020. Join with the group to give them shape, substance, and force. Make 2020 your year for living true to you.


Synthia Andrews is a Connecticut licensed naturopathic doctor and energy intuitive with 35 years experience in energy work.  She is the author four published books including three guides to energy awareness, The Path of Energy, The Path of Emotions, and The Path of Presence.  She is co-author of an additional four published books on spirituality and healing.  She taught for 15 years at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, taught in the bodywork program at Kripalu Yoga Institute, and presents classes internationally.


Journey through the Chakras

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