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“Co-incidence becomes synchronicity in the light of awareness.”  Deepak Chopra


Sunday, July 14, 10-4:30 pm in North Guilford, Ct.

Join a small, intimate group of explorers.


This is the first in a five part, in person, workshop series to engage the energy foundations of life through hands-on participation, inner journeying and visualization.


In the first workshop on July 14th, Class 1, you will sharpen your ability to feel energy and assess your energy flow. You will practice easy techniques to move energy, and learn the essential skills of centering, grounding, and creating boundaries. The class includes visioning work to immerse yourself in a Path with Heart that has meaning and purpose.


Class 2 will focus on developing intuition. You will identify your intuition type, learn listening skills to hear your inner wisdom, and practice several methods of dowsing to validate your intuitive hits.


Class 3 focuses on accessing your spiritual potential. You will take a journey through the chakra system to support your strengths and develop your growth edge. You will learn clearing, balancing, and opening techniques for each chakra.


Class 4 will lead you into the healing mechanisms of the body. You will learn how to charge your system, feel energy imbalances, and balance yourself and others for optimal health. This will be a hands-on class, be prepared to work on classmates and be worked on.


Class 5 focuses on how energy vibration creates the circumstances of your day to day life. You will engage nature, feel the energetic impact of the world around you, learn how to shift out of limiting energy patterns, and how to raise your vibrational state.


On registration you will be given pre-workshop videos and a list of what to wear, bring, and how to prepare.


Energy Awareness for Empowered Living

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