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60 Minute Follow up Session: Troubleshoot difficulties and celebrate successes. Your energy flow is re-assessed and new exercises given.


Online Mentoring Sessions are an easy and affordable way to receive one-on-one guidance. The meetings are remote; you don’t have to travel or block off extra time.

In your private tutorial, I listen to your experiences, successes, and difficulties while watching your energy flow and noticing where energy is getting bound. Together we explore your learning edge and identify what is holding you back. As obstacles are acknowledged rather than resisted, they shift. During the session, simple exercises and meditations facilitate and amplify your inner resources. Your energy perceptions are heightened along with your ability to engage life and embrace your path.

Living with your energy and emotions fully engaged is the reason to develop your energy awareness. Exploring energy is fun, exciting, illuminating and elusive. Allowing a mentor to witness your journey and validate your experience can be the single most important step you take.

Join me in an online session today. Let’s celebrate you.


  • First session:
    • 75 minutes $200
  • Follow up sessions:
    • 60 minutes $150
    • 30 minutes $85

What Online session participants say:
"I have had the privilege of meeting Synthia via Online sessions twice. On both occasions, her level of expertise and skill in observing and connecting with the energy was outstanding. I'm a skeptical type of person so it's no small thing when I say that she is without a doubt the "real" thing. I highly recommend her and her work."
Kathy Stilwell

"I was pleased and amazed at the level of experiential healing I received working with Synthia via Online sessions. Her abilities transferred beautifully and allowed me to feel like I was experiencing a one on one session in person. Very beneficial."
Karen Hall



Energy Mentoring - 60 Min Follow-up Session

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