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Path of Presence - Endorsements and Reviews

"A sensitive and yet powerful book conveying the deep spiritual truths so many of us in a culture seeking guidance and support are calling out for in the challenging passages of our lives. Synthia's insights, tools and message carry the type of salvation needed to help you through troubled waters, as well as offer a strong foundation of helping all of us believe in our own ability to maintain and build the power of Presence in our daily life. I love this book! Her timeless wisdom will sustain you."

Katina Makris, CCH, CIH Homeopath, Intuitive Healer, Inspirational Speaker, author of "The Autoimmune Illness & Lyme Disease Recovery Guide -  Mending Body, Mind & Spirit" and "Out of the Woods"

"By writing The Path of Presence, Synthia Andrews has given us access to exceptional guidance for living more meaningful and satisfying lives. By including her own life experiences in the book, her principles for becoming more fully present burst into light. While reading, I found myself smiling that involuntary smile that comes to reassure me of the rightness of whatever I’m focusing my attention on at the time. Being particularly concerned with how our society is moving away from real time person-to-person contact, I was comforted by her ideas on how we can counter our own feelings of isolation."

Arthur Strock, Ph.D.

School Psychologist,

Author of “Live By Your Dreams”

"In a hectic world, The Path of Presence gently guides you to a natural way of being.

For anyone committed to serving humanity with heart, this book is compassionately

practical and will resonate with your soul.” 

Anne Black, PhD

Psychologist & Founding Director of The Warrior Connection


“A great synthesis necessary for healing and transformation!”  Dr. Rober Arrese

“One of my friends just loaned me your book, The Path of Presence. Thank you for sharing your story. You write from such a deep inner place. Your words encouraged me to step forward as who I am. I am finding my courage. Thank you”. AG

“I have always had a hard time with boundaries. Reading your book The Path of Presence helped me understand why it so hard to determine what is mine and what is someone else’s. Your boundary exercises helped me regain my center. All my relationships are improving from this one chapter. Thank you so much for sharing.” KB

“The third book of paths is The Path of Presence. With touchstones of explanation and support, insights and assistance, the tenets within are a guide to traveling my path to the best expression of the emotional, physical and spiritual person that I am. I expand, I celebrate, I am.” – JS

“Well, I thought I knew what grounding was. Then I read your chapter on Grounding and tried your exercises in The Path of Presence. WOW. I have found a new meaning to empowered.”  GA

“I have read The Path of Presence twice and it's helped me each time to see and appreciate more of how I see and interact with the world around me. This book is stitched to the hip of time - this moment. Just as we move over and beyond the threshold of dramatic changes in our society and our world, this knowledge and these suggestions are of tremendous help to the thousands stressed and emotionally challenged by the shifting sands. I love Synthia for who she is and for her selfless giving. If it helps, she gives, and I am proud to appreciate her own 'Presence'. I know everyone reading this book will get a lot out of it.”

Colin Andrews, bestselling author of Circular Evidence, On the Edge of Reality  and Synthia’s husband and co-author of several books.


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