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Path of Energy - Endorsements and Reviews

"The Path of Energy: Awaken Your Personal Power and Expand Your Consciousness is a powerful blend of spiritual philosophy and scientific principles woven into the perfection of a practical formula for everyday life. If you’ve always known that there’s more to you than you learned in Biology 101, but find yourself intimidated by the technical language of science, this is the beautiful book you’ve been waiting for!”

Gregg Braden, New York Times bestselling author of The Divine Matrix and Fractal Time


“A very important work for those wanting to maximize their natural capabilities as a functional human.” 

Astronaut Edgar Mitchell, Apollo Mission (6th man to walk on the moon); founder of The Institute for Noetic Science author of The Way of the Explorer


"The Path of Energy provides an elegant and comprehensive understanding of the many faces and feelings of energy. Synthia is clearly a very accomplished expert in the field of energy awareness and the practical application of its movement. I am so happy to whole-heartedly endorse this fine book which is a must read for all of us in the healing field and for anyone interested in the flows of life force energy that fill us, surround us, and align us with Spirit in this most amazing Universe. Well done!"

Meredith Young-Sowers, D.Div., Founder and Director of the Stillpoint School of Integrative Life Healing, Author of Spirit Heals, the Angelic Messenger Cards, Wisdom Bowls, Spiritual Crisis and Agartha: A Journey to the Stars


"We congratulate Synthia Andrews, ND for beautifully and skillfully writing a one of a kind book, on energy awareness, for the 21st century. As we collectively move into realms of higher frequencies, being able to discern the delicate differences between energies becomes imperative. The Path of Energy is without a doubt the ultimate sourcebook for developing this vital ability."

Dannion and Kathryn Brinkley, Bestselling authors of, Secrets of the Light:Lessons from Heaven

"My long research career into a multiplex of scientific subjects has included consciousness and the human brain's ability to affect its surroundings. Through my wife Synthia I experienced first-hand a physical reaction within my body, changing my health for the good, that was accomplished through a process she knowingly directed. I believe that Synthia Andrews holds an important piece of future scientific study"  

Colin Andrews, author/Researcher/Investigative Journalist co-author of Undeniable Evidence, Signs of Change, The Complete Idiots Guide to 2012, and The Complete Idiots Guide to the Akashic Record author of Government Circles, On the Edge of Reality



"Meditation is the key to body, soul and spirit health. The Path of Energy is both an inner and outer guide to understand why and how the proper flow of life connects us with an ongoing plan of Love. These guidelines are important to improve our lives as conscious beings in experiencing the thrill of keeping healthy and open minds for the greater dimensions of Reality."

Drs. J.J. Hurtak and Desiree Hurtak, Academy For Future Science, The Keys of Enoch®


“This book is the perfect combination of information about energy and the experience of how energy heals and expands our consciousness. Synthia has an amazing depth of knowledge about energy and healing. She also knows that knowledge is not enough. So the meditations are presented first, before the information about energy, And the reader is meant to be more than just a reader. The book is designed to facilitate your experience of the meditations. I found the appendix in which Synthia described the origin of the meditations and how she herself uses the meditations particularly helpful. Go to the website that is an amazing resource for the book: You will find more information and illustrations for each of the meditations, and much more.

I have read so many books on energy and healing. This is one that will not just go on a shelf. I am using this one to enhance my daily meditation practice. This book is one that will remain within reach, that I will use over and over again to experience the path of energy and its healing effects.” Pat-

“I am a novice in the area of meditation. My friend brought the book Path of Energy for me as a gift. I thank you for this piece of sacred work. It is life changing and somehow very familiar. Thank You,” T


“I read this through and used some of the exercises to help with discerning subtle energy shifts in my shamanic spiritual practice. Six months later someone was asking me about the things you can't see BUT experience. I found that I went to this book, to pass on to them, to read up on subtle energies so they could have a basic foundational knowledge to begin on their journey of exploration. This person was leaning towards after life experiences and he felt this was a helpful tool to give him the basics to start his quest.I keep this in my reference library with a few favorite books on shamanism.” Shammanette

“Hi Dr. Andrews, I saw one of your quotes online, which deeply spoke to and clarified something integral for me...and these months later went to Amazon and found The Path of Energy, then to your website... “ Warm regards, KA

“The Path of energy: awaken your personal power and expand your consciousness is a remarkable book. It has the science and intellect behind energy as it relates to humans and our world. Complete step,by step instructions to help you change your interaction with the rest of the energetic world start off simple and continue to get more involved as you progress.” Nina G.

“I picked up The Path of Energy on an intuitive whim, and I am so grateful I did.  I’m only on page 114 because I have to keep stopping and putting the book down. It is blowing my mind!! I’ve secretly, deeply felt this information all my life, but didn’t have any instruction or guidance to help me know it’s REAL. Let alone how to use it. Thank you so much for writing this book! I’m excited to keep reading and learn how to train and tap in to this free form sensitivity I’ve always had.”  K

“As an empath and a massage therapist, I’ve had trouble taking on other people’s energy. Chapter 12 of the Path of Energy answered so many questions and helped me see I am not a victim! I am working hard to remove my receptor sites. Smile.” SH

“I just bought the Path of Energy;----excellent life changing book-----thank you so much!  God bless you!” SB

“The Path of Energy has been an invaluable guide in understanding the subtleties of the human body, how it manages and manifests the energy of the being alive experience, and how it is possible to nurture subtle perceptions to live a more fully expanded experience. As a result, I am more keenly aware of life energy in everything.  In Nature, though rooted, trees dance. A plant bursts with blossoms of unreasonable beauty . Water expresses every nuance.  Mountains emanate security. The Universe is unfathomable. I have everything I need to recognize my integral participation.”  JS

“I am a massage therapist and always wanted to work more with energy. However, I wasn’t sure what to expect or how to feel it. Everything people said didn’t match what I felt. Your book The Path of Energy has been life changing.  Your descriptions and exercises in Chapter 11 helped me so much! All I had to do was connect external action with internal senses. My massage has new vitality!” TF

“After the Path of Energy, I am more inclined to sense rather than opine; to trust understanding filtered through subtle perception. The Path of Energy has taught me how to do this, how to hone these skills and apply them lovingly to myself as well as to others; to relish life.”  JS


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