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Classes, Workshops, and Webinars

Energy Basics 101

Restore Your Light  $297 - Class Closed

Clean Living, Loving, and Eating in 2019

Sundays in January at 4pm EST

Beginning January 20th

Replays will be available three days after each class airs.

Register before Jan 12, 2019 for $197.00 and save $100.00.

$297.00 afterward.


Start your New Year with a plan! Lose weight, feel great, and free your inner spirit. Join a select group of likeminded people for a six-week course meeting weekly in an interactive Zoom format.


Are you:

  • Having trouble losing extra pounds?

  • Suffering from growing fatigue or noticing more body aches and pains?

  • Feeling less motivated to achieve your goals?

  • Repeating self-defeating inner talk?

  • Feeling disconnected from your inner light?


If any of these reflect a growing trend for you, it may be time to instigate some life-affirming changes. This program is not another 21-day detox or 30-day diet challenge that promotes yo-yo eating patterns. It’s an approach that retunes your life so that your outer choices reflect your inner spirit.


Through presentation and interactive conversation, this program:

  • Evaluates the pros, cons, and fallacies of several popular diets and metabolism boosting supplements to find the perfect eating plan for you.

  • Reveals your emotional eating profile and short-circuits your harmful eating patterns.

  • Identifies the foods that decrease your pain and inflammation, and improves your physical health and memory.

  • Helps you design a personal eating and exercise plan that represents a healthy, clean, satisfying, and sustainable program for you.

  • Helps you claim the first, most powerful hour of the day to incorporate practices such as guided meditation, creative brainstorming, energy clearing exercises, mental recharge, and goal alignment to set the day working on your behalf.

  • Assists you to clarify your values and establish your path, purpose, and daily intentions.

  • Gives you techniques to cleanse your mind of limiting beliefs and your heart of unhealed emotions.

  • Supports your ultimate success with emailed daily encouragement and inspiration.



SEE TRUE: Energy Awareness Eight Course Series

Inside, you have everything you need to sense, understand, and respond to subtle energy. Subtle energy is the matrix of life, the dark matter scaffolding of the universe. Your body is wired to navigate this terrain. However, figuring out your internal GPS can be tricky, especially with the current amount of misinformation and purposely ambiguous teachings. Are you ready for something different?  The new See True series gives you an owner’s manual to your energy senses. The See True approach guides you to use your inner resources to enjoy life fully: awake, aware, and alive. This series helps you grow all aspects of your life with classes to expand personal and professional skills.

All classes feature life-time access to the course material, private facebook group membership, and a monthly chat room membership.  This corresponds to unprecedented support as you develop and explore new skills.

Personal Discovery Series

You know there is more than the physical world. You receive intuitive insight and have feelings of energy flow and connection to spirit. Yet you also know you are not using your inner facilities to their fullest. Perhaps you’re even a little afraid of this insubstantial and hard to predict aspect of reality. Maybe all you need is a guide. The following courses provide clear explanations of subtle energy concepts combined with precise exercises to awaken, understand, and use your energy senses. 

Energy Basics 101-

Awakening your Energy Senses  $250

3-Week Course ~ Enrollment begins October 16, 2018, ~ Classes scheduled for Thursday November 29, December 6, and December 13 at 8 pm EST. Includes private Facebook group at Explorations in Energy.  Replays will be available three days after each class airs. Stay tuned for launch details and early bird specials.

Feeling stuck and wanting to break free? This course helps develop your inner tools of awareness and use them to engage life and optimize your growth, happiness, success, and love. Break your self-sabotaging patterns using meditation, mindfulness, intentional attention and life-force flow. Find the unshakeable inner foundation that is you! The ultimate goal of this course is simple: Live your Light!

Don’t be deceived by the label of a beginner’s class. This course provides the foundation for awakening your energy. Learn the basic energy structures (chakras, aura and meridians), explore the energy terrain, and use the language of felt-perceptions.  Guided energy practices will help you sense and interact with energy.  At the end of this course, if you engage the exercises, you will confidently feel the energy basis of life and how to interact with it to be more authentic, reduce self-sabotage, and know without doubt that all things are possible. In this course we cover:

  • 22 Energy Keys

  • Your Body’s Energetic Wiring

  • The Power of Intention and Attention

  • Tools for Exploration: Conscious Breathing, Meditation, Visualization, Imagination

  • Felt-Perceptions: Interpreting Energy Flow

  • The Essentials: Grounding, Centering, Creating Boundaries

  • Three Step Process for Sensing Energy

  • Trouble Shooting and Avoiding Pitfalls

Honing your Intuition  $299

3-Week Course ~ Enrollment Begins October 16th


Intuition is the result of information received through your energy senses. Each of us uses one of our energy senses better than others. Find your strongest sense, use it to support your weakest, and develop the ‘surround sound’ of intuitive flow.  At the end of this course, you will have tools to access your intuitive source and a reality check to keeping it real.

  • Take the Intuitive-Type Test

  • Discover your Intuitive Index

  • Develop your Undeveloped Potential

  • Everything You Need to Know About Dowsing

    • External Validation of Internal Senses

    • How Dowsing Works

    • Using Body Dowsing

    • Using Dowsing Rods

  • Using Pendulums

  • Skill Development Exercises

  • Keeping it Real

  • Trouble shooting

Disruptive Energy  $299

3-Week Course ~ Enrollment Begins October 16th

There is no such thing as negative energy. However, energy can be directed with negative intent. The clearer you are internally, the less you are affected by external interference. You have everything you need to be clear of disruptive energy. Learn to identify disruptive energy and know when it is impacting you; learn how to source it and how to clear it.

  • Negative Intention vs. Negative Energy

  • The Interweaving of Internal and External Reality

    • Thoughts are Things

    • The Impact of Unprocessed Emotions

  • Types of Energy Disruptors

    • Projections and Thought Forms

    • Energy Attachments

    • Hooks

    • Energy Vampires

    • Psychic Attack

    • Energy Imprints

  • Cleansing Your Energy Field Exercises

    • Clearing Projections, Hooks, etc

    • Deconstructing Thought Forms

    • Removing Attachments

  • Energy Protection Exercises

    • Removing Internal Receptors

    • Creating Energy Shields

The Empath’s Journey  $299

3-Week Course ~ Enrollment Begins October 16th

Is it possible to become too energy aware? Some people, and this may be you, have too little barrier between themselves and the outer world. They pick up the emotions of those around them and struggle to know which feelings belong to them and which do not. They are caretakers and have a hard time forming equal relationships. They have difficulty identifying their path. They always seem to pick up other people’s disruptive energy. Instead of struggling to open, empaths struggle to close enough to maintain their independent identity. This class provides skills rarely taught in energy development. It can be helpful to have already taken Energy Basics 101  or  have a background in energy fundamentals to fully appreciate this course. Even if you do not consider yourself to be an empath, this course is important if you intend to work with energy.

  • Being Empathic vs. Being an Empath

  • The Three Shackles: Responsibility, Care Taking, and Processing for Others

  • Core,  Essence, and Defining You

  • Self-Validation

  • Identifying What is You and What is Not

  • Modulate Energy Coming into Your Energy System

  • Hold Your Energy Without Leaking to Others

  • Reaffirming the Three Basics: Ground, Center, Boundaries

  • Clearing Methods

Buy All Four Personal Discovery Classes for $999!

Enroll today!

Professional Training (for personal use, too)

Are you a practitioner of the healing arts? The following classes are perfect for those working in massage, psychotherapy, coaching, or other professions that support deep transformation. These classes are also perfect for those committed to personal awakening. Personal discovery is presented alongside techniques for professional use.

Energy Anatomy $499

Enrollment Opens January 2019

Course Start Date TBA

Personal Discovery Series or the equivalent is recommended as a prerequisite.


Life is the transfer point between energy and matter: the body is designed to integrate the two. Interwoven with physical anatomy are energy structures that nurture and inform physical cells with the fuel of life-force energy. In addition to maintaining health, the energy flow through these structures guides spiritual awakening, the soul’s path and purpose, intuitive awakening, and inner connection. As a professional, being able to identify where your client/patient is energetically struggling helps you facilitate awakening. This course is an in-depth exploration that requires connecting with your personal journey, a necessary first step in facilitating for others. In every section, you are guided in how to facilitate for others.


  • Energy Structures, Energy Physiology, and the Awakening Process

  • How your Body Receives Energy Information

  • The Aura: Accessing Your Personal Zone

  • Chakras:  Path of the Soul

    • Overview: Multidimensional Wiring

    • Personal Journey through the Chakras

      • Crown

      • Third Eye

      • Throat

      • Heart

      • Solar Plexus

      • Sacral Plexus

      • Base

    • Personal Energy Clearing Exercises

    • Assessing another person’s chakras

  • Meridians: Life-Force to power and Inform your Body-Mind-Spirit

    • Overview

    • Five Element Balance

    • Journey through the Elements

      • Earth Element: Spleen, Stomach

      • Metal: Lung, Large Intestine

      • Water: Kidney, Bladder

      • Wood: Liver, Gall Bladder

      • Fire: Heart, Small Intestine

      • Supplemental Fire: Heart Protector, Triple Warmer

    • Five Element Meditations

  • Removing Blocks to Energy Flow

The Emotion-Energy Matrix:
Your Key to Activating Inner Power  $499

Enrollment Opens January 2019

Course Start Date TBA

Emotions are body events that impact all aspects of health. They provide information and motivate physical energy to act on the information they provide. Emotions are translations of energy and directly impact your internal the flow. Misusing, distorting, or suppressing emotions interferes with health, relationships, and creativity. Emotions are the key to a thriving life. As with all professional development, understanding how to process and use the energy in your own emotions is paramount to your success with clients. This course guides you in guiding others.

  • Emotions and Empowerment

  • Translations of Energy: The Energetic Function of Emotions

  • How to Access Unprocessed Emotions

  • Emotional-Energy Addictions

  • Processing and Integrating Emotions for Self and Others

  • Transcendent Emotions

  • Emotional Compendium

  • Emotion-energy Clearing

  • A Four-Step Process for Using Emotions in Everyday Life for You and your Clients

Purchase Both Professional Courses for $899


Exciting New Additions Coming for 2023

Ongoing Courses

Energy Awareness for Empowered Living

$120 - July 14th, 10-4:30 pm in North Guilford, Ct.

Join a small, intimate group of explorers.


First in a five part, in person, workshop series

$120 per class. Classes can be taken independently

or save $100 and register for all 5 at $520.

“Co-incidence becomes synchronicity in the light of awareness.” Deepak Chopra

Energy is the foundation of life. Energy awareness is paying attention to how our personal life-force flows, gets stuck, moves out of alignment, and generates our thoughts and emotions. Deepening awareness of energy is the key to tuning in to a meaningful, purpose-filled, creative, and loving life.


  • Is the source of intuition.

  • Is the basis of health and wellbeing.

  • Communicates connection to self, spirit, nature, and people.

  • Manifests circumstance and conditions.


In this first of five workshops, you’ll remember and practice how to:

  • Feel and move energy.

  • Assess your energy flow.

  • Use the essential energy skills of centering, grounding, and creating boundaries.

  • Envision a Path with Heart to find purpose and meaning.


Upcoming classes will focus on intuition, exploring chakras, healing skills for self and others, and intentional manifesting.


Class has completed for summer 2019.



Advanced Energy Practices

Developing energy awareness is more than a fun pastime. It deepens your journey. You are connected to the Inner Light. You understand yourself as author of your life path. Living a better life and being of service to others is a natural outgrowth.

Energy Empowerment   $399

Enrollment Opens January 2019

Course Start Date TBA

Perceiving energy, clearing your energy structures, and mastering your emotions contribute to the awakening of inner resources.
This course uses those resources in creative, life-affirming action.

  • 33 Energy Principles

  • Manifesting: Achieving your Dreams in Co-Creative Reality

  • Energy Tools for Everyday Challenges

    • Decision-making

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Positive Self-talk

  • Extrasensory Development

    • Honing your Telepathic Skills

    • Remote Viewing

    • Visioning

  • Self-Healing Practices

  • What is Energy Healing?

  • An Introduction to Healing

  • Light as a Healing Tool

  • Flow and Alignment

  • Daily Energy Healing Practices

The Power of Presence   $399

Enrollment Opens January 2019

Course Start Date TBA

The outcome of developing energy awareness and emotional mastery is Presence. Presence is born from connection to the light basis of reality. The Power of Presence is ultimately the ability to effect positive change in the world.

  • The Eight Pillars of Presence

  • Being Your Authentic Self

  • The Power of One

  • Beyond Circumstance

  • Path and Purpose

  • Spiritual Journeying

Purchase Both Advanced Practices Classes for $599


The Second Sunday Inner Senses Workshops Series

with Synthia Andrews, ND & Energy Intuitive


Live awake, aware, and fully alive.

Your awareness is opening. You can no longer ignore the information of your intuitive mind. Join us on the second Sunday of every month and support the opening of your perceptions to the realm of energy. Train your inner senses and be true to you.

Is your life-force flowing freely, generating life affirming choices and experiences? Or is your energy stuck and out of alignment, generating limiting beliefs and experiences? Are you unknowingly taking on other people’s energy, problems, and limitations? Are you fulfilling the path you set for this life? Do you connect to a greater reality with ease?

Our series of classes will assist your journey to know yourself more deeply, to connect with higher reality more fully, and to uncover your inner power and gifts.

Join us from 10 am - 4 pm on the Second Sundays in 2020.

Class size limited to ten participants, register today! Location and details provided at time of registration. To register call 203-453-4377. Class has completed for 2020.

January 12, 2020: Inspired Intention - $99.00

Go into the stillness, reach deep, and create your intentions for 2020. Join with the group to give them shape, substance, and force. Make 2020 your year for living true to you.

February 9: Boundaries, Boundaries, and more Boundaries!

Just in time for the holidays. No matter how well you think you maintain your boundaries, they are the central issue in every life circumstance. Do strong boundaries separate you or connect you to those you love? Can you have strong boundaries and be compassionate and generous at the same time? Come and test your boundaries, discover how well they really function, and what you need to do to improve. Learn techniques for opening, closing, balancing, and connecting. Foundational work you will return to again and again. (More info coming - Stay tuned)


Synthia Andrews is a Connecticut licensed naturopathic doctor and energy intuitive with 35 years experience in energy work.  She is the author four published books including three guides to energy awareness, The Path of Energy, The Path of Emotions, and The Path of Presence.  She is co-author of an additional four published books on spirituality and healing.  She taught for 15 years at the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy, taught in the bodywork program at Kripalu Yoga Institute, and presents classes internationally.


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