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Dr. Synthia Andrews, N.D.

Waken your senses and experience the full vibrancy of life. Express your most creative potential. Engage the beautiful mystery.


This website is an interactive tool to wake up and stimulate your energy senses. The site is a meeting place for subtle energy explorers, like you, to develop skills and offer your own personal expertise. Together, we can expand the straightforward understanding and use of subtle energy in today’s world.


As a Naturopathic doctor and intuitive energy worker, I know how important it is to consciously interact with your body’s energy flow. Better health, meaningful action, and greater inner connection are natural extensions of increased awareness.


Energy awareness strengthens your empathic link to the consciousness within all life. This link deepens your spiritual connection and brings you into flow with the universe. Life is a give and take in a circle of flow. Increasing your interaction with this flow is the purpose of this website


Enjoy the many skill development guides, proficiency challenges, energy exercises, and intuitive games. Join the community forum. Blog topics and questions, add in to live chats, and join the private, free Facebook group. This site is tailored for individuals and utilizes everyone’s positive contribution. I look forward to hearing your thoughts, experiences, challenges and successes so that we can all grow!


Warm regards, Synthia Andrews

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