Intentional Living Chats

We all want to live intentionally and use our potential for good in the world. Starting in January of 2019, we will be offering an online chat room where small groups of us can meet, see each other, and talk about whatever issues are up. Meeting live, face to face, we can use energy awareness to explore day to day challenges, unusual experiences, and learning objectives while offering each other support and insight. I am excited about this new opportunity to meet and explore topics close to our hearts.


Join other like minded people exploring the energy terrain in a weekly zoom meeting chat room. Whether you are a beginning student or you're an advanced practitioner, we can all learn from each other's successes and challenges.
Each week we will tackle a specific topic based on group feedback. Synthia will share activation techniques, healing tips, and insights into personal growth.
She will also provide a weekly energy atonement for all who are present.
Bring your questions and challenges, and share your insights. Sign up for a single month at $11.99 or for ongoing monthly meeting subscription with a rollover charge of $9.99 per month (you can cancel at any time).

Purchase your subscription here.


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